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May 2018

Perfect beach or pool bag

Lily & Val Loves #8- Get Ready For Summer

The season may still be spring but we are feeling summer in full swing already! To celebrate this warm and sunny time of year we have gathered up some of our favorite things to make the summer more fun, convenient, and beautiful! Whether beach…

Behind the Scenes

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #93

For this month’s Pretty Ordinary Friday #93, we’re documenting snapshots of our month. While our pictures may not be the prettiest or the most interesting, we enjoyed each instance and want to remember them! These are the behind-the-scenes, in-between moments – the small peeks that would…

Beautiful Enamel Lavender Pin

Lily & Val Loves #7- All Things Lavender

Summertime always makes me think of beautiful blooming fields of lavender and blossoming lilac bushes. There are so many wonderful products that capture both these scents and colors that we thought we would share a few of our favorites. My first favorite is the…


May’s Floral FREE Desktop Wallpaper Download

April showers bring May flowers! Our “Spring of Flowers” continues here at Lily & Val! Lately, I’ve been loving the movement and imperfection of loose florals! There’s something unruly and whimsical about them. I hope this desktop & iPhone download makes you smile this month!…