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Faux Real Floral Design – Getting Started

Everything you need to know about floral arranging with both faux and real flowers from a professional photo stylist!Friends, I am so excited today because we are launching our latest blog series collaboration with Emily Cowey owner of The Virginia Lynn Co., a Pittsburgh-based prop rental and photo styling company! Floral design is a big part of what Emily does on a regular basis and for this series we wanted to share her tips with you, but there’s a twist! We will be using faux AND real flowers in each floral design. When Emily presented the concept to me about using faux and real flowers together, I was immediately blown away by her ingenuity and in love with the idea! We just had to share it will all of you.

If you’re feeling a bit apprehensive about using faux flowers, not to worry!  Faux flowers have a bad rap, which is exactly why we wanted to create this blog series! You will not see any cheesy floral arrangements using your grandmother’s fake flowers here! These blooms have come a LONG way since then.

So, if you’re intrigued by the concept, keep reading…

How to create beautiful flower arrangements with faux flowersWhy faux AND real flower arranging?

  1. 1. Using real flowers in combination with the faux flowers automatically makes the brain perceive everything to be real.
    2. Although there is more of an upfront investment for faux flowers, you will be able to keep them and use again and again in different arrangements! We love the faux flowers offered by Hobby Lobby and they always go on sale!
    3. Particularly if you are designing an arrangement that will be photographed, the faux portion of the florals will be virtually imperceptible.
    4. Faux flowers are always readily available regardless of the season.

The tools you need for floral designing using faux and real flowersWhat you will need:

Faux real floral designs require many of the same supplies for any type of floral arranging. It will be beneficial to have the following on hand for the projects in this series…

Floral tape
Waterproof tape
Floral wire
Color-coordinated washi tape
Pretty ribbon or jute twine

On Lily & Val Living we are showing you how to combine faux and real flowers in your floral designs Create beautiful floral designs using both faux and real flowers See tips for combining faux and real flowers for gorgeous floral designsA few Do’s and Don’ts:
This list of do’s and don’ts applies to all faux real flower arranging.

DO choose a faux statement flower and real filler or vice versa (faux filler and real statement flowers). This is a good rule of thumb when combining florals. In the example above, the white rose is faux and the alstroemeria and green filler are real. This contrast of distinctly different flower types works well because we’ve removed the opportunity for comparing the faux statement flower to its real counterpart.

DO NOT use a real flower and its faux version in the same arrangement. Faux becomes eye-catchingly apparent when it’s compared directly with its real counterpart. It’s not hard to see in the example below that the middle peony is the real one.

DO protect your faux stems when placing them in the water. Yes, you can put faux stems in water, but if your stem is cut and the metal wire is exposed, simply place a dot of hot glue on the end. This will seal it and prevent the water from rusting the metal of your faux blooms.

DO invest in high-quality faux flowers. Like we mentioned before, they have come a long way – many of them even FEEL real, but they will definitely be a more expensive option compared to the fake flowers of the past.

Tips for purchasing faux flowers for your floral designs How to shop for faux flowers:
The images below represent some things you will want to look out for when shopping for faux flowers.

  1. 1. Be willing to splurge on a statement flower. A hydrangea is a very big bloom, unlike this faux version pictured. Especially for statement flowers, make sure to get one that looks as much like the real thing as possible. It will make all the difference!

3 Things to look out for when purchasing faux flowers2. Watch for fake stems. Tiny stems and few petals can make the flowers look most unrealistic. Also, if a flower is white, look for some color variation in the petals, nature is rarely bleach white.

3 things to look out for when purchasing faux flowers3. Watch for wimpy petals and leaves that fray. Enough said.

3 things to look out for when purchasing faux flowers We hope these tips have been helpful and can’t wait to share our beautiful faux real arrangements with you throughout this series!


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