About Soft Pastel

It is such a pleasure to introduce you to this medium, which has stolen my heart…

Soft pastel is a fine art medium comprised of pure pigment with the least amount of binder necessary in order to form into a stick. This is the same pigment used in oil paintings except oil paint is bound together with liquid, which can degrade and yellow over time. Since there is nothing in the pastel to degrade, it remains pure and clean for generations as long as it is protected from sun and water.

As a result of the pastel being made of pure pigment, the colors are incredibly intense and delicious! Painting with soft pastel is essentially painting with crystals of pigment. These crystals have light-scattering properties, which give pastel paintings an unmatched luminosity! I cannot wait for you to see one of these paintings in person and enjoy it for years to come.

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