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September’s “Pumpkin” FREE Desktop Download

Lily & Val September's "Pumpkin" FREE Desktop Download

Happy FALL, my friends! If you know me you know how giddy this time of year makes me. And although I’ve been in the mood for all things pumpkin spice for a few weeks now, the coming of September makes it official! This month’s desktop download was created with my fellow Fall-loving friends in mind. Happy Pumpkin Season!! I hope you enjoy these free designs, hand-drawn with love, as always!

Cute hand-drawn pumpkin desktop computer background for Fall/AutumnLily & Val's September Free iPhone Pumpkin Background


To download for free during the month of September 2019 use coupon code: DDSEPT19

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New Fall Art to Cozy Your Home

New Fall Art by Lily & Val to Cozy Your Home

FRIENDS! It’s the most wonderful time of the year (well, to me it is anyway!) Dreaming up and drawing Fall designs is always my favorite – no surprise there! This year, we released eight new prints to cozy your home this Fall.

I started calling this collection “Back to Basics” (chanelling Ina Garten here!) and that seemed to stick. So, we’re taking it back to basics with our Fall 2019 collection, which means making room for the warm and classic elements of autumn that made us fall in love with the season to begin with. From pumpkin spice styles to prints that encourage staying home—we hope these designs will delight the cardigan-clad Fall fanatic!

Here are the new designs…

Pumpkin Spice Checklist Art for the Pumpkin Spice Lover

Pumpkin Spice Checklist

As you work your way through your fall checklist, make sure you don’t miss any essentials with this adorable pumpkin spice print. Whoever said ‘it’s possible to have too much of a good thing’ has surely never had pumpkin spice!

Pumpkin Spice Checklist Art Print to Decorate Your Home for Fall

Pumpkin Spice Is My Love Language

Love can be complicated, but not with this print. The pumpkin spice groupie will get a little giggle out of this design, and that puts a huge grin on our faces. Pair this with our other pumpkin spice prints for positively pumpkin-spiced space!

Pumpkin Spice is My Love Language Art Print for Fall Pumpkin Spice is my Love Language Art Print for Fall


Are you an expert in the art of staying in? Do you love curling up with a good book and a cup of tea? Have your friends been known to ask you for grammar advice? Whether that sounds like you or someone you know, one thing is for sure: every detail of this design was hand-drawn with the bookish type in mind.

Fall Art for the Book Lover - Book Spine Illustration Book Wall Art for the Book Lover - Book Spine Illustration Book Spine Art Print

Happy Fall

As timeless as a great pair of leather boots, this chalkboard print is an instant classic. It is fun, sweet, and a breath of fresh air—all the fixin’s to a Happy Fall.

Happy Fall Hand Lettered Chalk Art Print Happy Fall Hand Lettered Chalk Art Print Happy Fall Hand Lettered Chalk Art Print

Let’s Stay In

Staying in doesn’t mean you’re missing out—it means you’ve got everything you need right at home. This warm gingham print pairs perfectly with a pair of fuzzy socks and a cuddle buddy. (Sorry, neither of those are included with purchase.)

Let's Stay In - Gingham Fall Wall Art Let's Stay In - Gingham Fall Wall Art

Fall Forever

For those who would live in a perpetual Fall, keep the seasonal spirit alive as long as possible with this detailed chalkboard print inspired by classic Fall foliage. Can you hear the leaves crunching beneath your booties? No—just us?

Fall Forever Chalk Art Print - Fall Decorating Fall Forever Chalk Art Print - Fall Decorating

The Fondest  Memories 

Whether you’re eating Grandma’s famous lasagna for the 500th time or trying your love’s cheesecake for the first—there’s no doubting the memories that are made at every bite. Place this sweetly drawn print in your kitchen to remind yourself of all these special moments shared around the table.

The Fondest Memories Are Made When Gathered Around the Table - Art Print - Thanksgiving Art The Fondest Memories Are Made When Gathered Around the Table - Art Print - Thanksgiving Art The Fondest Memories Are Made When Gathered Around the Table - Art Print - Thanksgiving Art

Hello Pumpkin

We can practically taste Mom’s famous pumpkin pie when we look at this cute pumpkin print. It’s the perfect seasonal touch for those who love welcoming friends and family into a festive, cozy home just as much as visiting the local pumpkin patch.

Hello Pumpkin Fall Wall Art Hello Pumpkin Fall Art Print

I can’t wait to hear what you think about this year’s new Fall prints!

Shop the Full Collection Here!

August’s “Bloom” FREE Desktop Download

August's "Bloom" FREE Desktop Download

It’s hard to believe it, but we have entered our final month of summer! I’m admittedly a Fall girl, but I am trying to soak in the last bits of this season. So, to say goodbye to summer, before all the pumpkins and crunchy leaves, I thought I’d go with an explosion of flowers and a bold reminder to bloom! I hope you enjoy it.

Lily & Val's Free August desktop backgound with flowers August's "Bloom" FREE iPhone Download

To download for free during the month of August 2019 use coupon code: DDAUGUST19

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Vienna’s Vintage Floral Inspired Nursery

Vintage Floral Inspired Nursery Girl

Hey everyone! It feels great to be back here sharing with you on the blog. I’ve been on maternity leave since the beginning of June and everything has been a blur (in the BEST possible way) since then. Vienna Nicole McKeehan was born on June 8th, 2019 at 5:50 am and she has just lit up Mak’s and my life! For all the baby photos, take a peek at my Instagram!

Today I’m SO excited to be sharing a look at Vienna’s nursery. I’ve spent many months dreaming about this space to welcome our little girl. I especially went back and forth with what art to hang on the walls and what to draw for above her crib (you KNEW it had to be a chalkboard 😉 ).

Vintage Floral Inspired Nursery Girl

The Inspiration:

The inspiration for the nursery is a bit eclectic! I wanted it to have a vintage feel, plus incorporate two of my favorite things: Paris and flowers. These themes were added in subtle ways, like the faux flower swag above a vintage mirror. (This is the same floral swag that I made for my tea party baby shower.)

I wanted the nursery to feel feminine, yet simple and elegant. I loved the idea of the light colors, blushes, and pinks paired with the high contrast, deep-colored pieces like the mid-century modern dresser, dark charcoal curtains, and pops of mustard.

Vintage Floral Inspired Nursery Girl

The Art:

It was certainly hard to not overdo it with hanging art on the walls, but I wanted the pieces to really stand out and keep things looking clean and simple.

I found this beautiful framed chalkboard at Michael’s and it made the perfect statement piece for above the crib. Drawing this chalkboard is quite possibly my favorite one I’ve ever done because it was the first time I lettered her name. The Bible verse is also incredibly meaningful to me.

We painted the main wall in the nursery a beige/blush color (Behr Suede Beige; it’s actually the same color we used on our National Stationery Booth last year!) and I love how the chalkboard and white crib pops against it. Funny side note: we rent a townhouse and this is the FIRST wall we’ve ever painted after living here for five years. I just had my heart set on this blush wall for the nursery and we were very proud of ourselves!

Vintage Floral Inspired Nursery Girl

I drew the Flower Alphabet especially for Vienna and I knew it had to have a stand-out place in the nursery above the changing pad. It has that vintage botanical feel and I love how it looks in a simple black frame. The “Bonjour Bebe” print is from the Lily & Val Nursery Art Collection. It was SO tough to choose what to include from this collection, but this one fit the Parisian vibe (and flowers, of course!)

Above the flower alphabet and the chalkboard, I hung vintage brass bows. I LOVED these the moment I laid eyes on them. They frame and accent the art so nicely and add a sweet touch. I purchased them from this vintage Etsy shop. 

The hook is from Hobby Lobby and right now I’m using it to hang these sweet bonnets from Kate Quinn Organics.

Vintage Floral Inspired Nursery Girl

I added a little shelf in the corner to hold something sentimental for Mak. This panda bear was his favorite stuffed animal as a baby and his Mom, who is an incredible artist, painted the baby panda bear and gave it to me as a baby shower gift.

Vintage Floral Inspired Nursery Girl Vintage Floral Inspired Nursery GirlFlower Alphabet by Lily & Val

Found Objects:

For my baby shower, I did a lot of antiquing and thrifting for vintage china and in the process I found some great pieces to incorporate into the nursery. Combining the new with the old is one of my favorite things to add some character!

This pink glass lamp with the marble base is one of my favorite finds! It actually came as a pair and I’m not sure what I’ll do with the other one yet. The sweet mustard vase was also used at the shower and I love how it looks with the vintage floral glass apothecary jar to hold cotton balls.

Vintage Floral Inspired Nursery Girl

The bookshelf is another mid-century modern style piece we incorporated. It was the perfect size to stand between the door and the closet. I plan to do another post with my favorite baby books, but the “Paris: Up, Up & Away” book tops the list. It is a gorgeous book with high contrast black and white paper cut-outs. Just stunning!

More Details:

Because of our limited space, we decided on this gray and white glider and ottoman set. It was the perfect size and so comfy! I took the “How Wonderful Life Is” design from the L&V Nursery Collection and turned it into a pillow for the glider. We saw the movie”Rocketman” the week Vienna was born, which made this pillow unexpectedly even more fun and meaningful! On the flipside, I drew a simple V monogram.

For the crib, I have two favorite pairs of sheets. This beautiful floral mustard is from Blueberry Impressions on Etsy.

Also pictured is the Magical Forest crib sheets by Pehr.

My friend Stacie of Gingiber sells the adorable little lamb pillow, another item I had my eye on for months!

Last but not least, I have an L&V fill-in-the-blank birth stat print hanging by the closet door. This is a piece I will certainly treasure even though it took me nearly a month to get the footprints! I just love how it turned out! The hooks are also from Hobby Lobby.

My sweet angel! I wonder how many hours I’ve spent just watching her sleep! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into Vienna’s nursery! Here are more links to sources for you! I’ve also included some items that I’ve loved and have been super helpful to me over these past weeks!

Crib – Target
Dresser and bookshelf  – Wayfair
Mustard Floral Crib Sheet – Etsy
Forest Crib Sheets – Pehr
Flower alphabet print – Lily & Val
Bonjour Bebe print – Lily & Val
Birth Stat Print – Lily & Val
Area Rug – Rugs USA
Glider & Ottoman – Amazon (can’t beat the price!)
Accent Table – Overstock (Antique Navy)
Eiffel Tower Rattle – Amazon
Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail – Amazon
Wipes Dispenser (this has made changes so much more convenient!) – Amazon
Diaper Cloths – Amazon (we stocked up on these and use them as burp cloths!)
Waterproof Changing Pad Liners – Amazon (we stocked up on these too!)
Diaper Bag Backpack – Amazon
Bunny Dress & Bonnets – Kate Quinn Organics
Wall Hooks -Hobby Lobby
Baby Balm & Powder- Primally Pure

If a source isn’t tagged, it’s most likely from Home Goods or TJMaxx. 🙂

(P.S. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission when you purchase using that link. It does not effect the price you pay and I’m not asked to feature these items. Thank you for your support!)

Summer Wreath DIY

I always make a new wreath to celebrate every season…sometimes multiple wreaths per season. It’s a fun way to keep things fresh and welcoming.  This year I wanted to try something a little different with a patriotic twist.  I chose a peach, red, yellow, and light blue color scheme. For this wreath you will need:

DIY Summer Wreath Tutorial

These red mums are a beautiful shade, but their leaves were a little too dull for summer. Just remove the leaves to make these stems more appealing for a summer wreath.

DIY Summer Wreath Tutorial

To make your blooms easier to wire to the frame, bend them just under the head so that your florals face forward.

DIY Summer Wreath Tutorial DIY Summer Wreath Tutorial

Next, trim your freesia stem and wire it next to your red statement flower. Add in your pops of yellow billy buttons as you build your wreath.

DIY Summer Wreath Tutorial

Continue to add one stem at a time, layering your colors. To finish off the design, build your last few florals from the other direction to hide your wiring and stems.

DIY Summer Wreath Tutorial DIY Summer Wreath Tutorial

I love the variety of texture and color in this design, and it is so inexpensive to make!

DIY Summer Wreath Tutorial

Extra tip: Start building your design where the embroidery hoop screw is. This will allow you a clear center point to build the two sides of your floral design off of.

DIY Summer Wreath

I hope you enjoy giving this wreath a try! What other colors do you like to use in your summer wreaths?

Be sure to share your DIY projects with us by tagging #lilyandvalliving !

July’s “Summer Love” FREE Desktop Download


July's "Summer Love" FREE Desktop Download

This month’s desktop is an ode to the refreshing, simple pleasures we love about Summer! I hope you’re all able to soak it all in, relax, and enjoy each moment!

Lily & Val's July Desktop background summer ice cream


July's "Summer Love" FREE iPhone Download

To download for free during the month of July 2019 use coupon code: DDJULY19

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Ice Cream Social Party using The Art of Paper Crafting Book

Summer is the perfect time to get together with friends, family and neighbors. If you are looking for a super simple party idea, try hosting a simple ice cream social. Maybe gather your favorite people and your favorite store bought flavors and toppings and put together a beautiful “make your own sundae” buffet. Of course your could always go a step further and host an ice cream social with some awesome, creamy homemade ice cream. This is an amazing activity to get the kids involved in too! Entertainment and food all in one!

The Paper Crafting Book makes decorating your buffet or picnic so easy using the “indulgent” themed paper items.

First up is a great idea for making some award style ribbon decor. You will need:

DIY Art of Paper Crafting Ice Cream Social Pendants

First, start by cutting your scrapbook sheet into 4 strips (on the short side). Next, fold these strips like a fan to create the ribbon rosette.

DIY Ice Cream Party Decor- The Art of Paper Crafting Book

Paper clips can help hold two of your folded strip ends together while you use clear tape or hot glue to join all 4 folded strips together into a circle.

DIY Ice Cream Party Decor- The Art of Paper Crafting Book

Add your ice cream circle (coaster) to the center of the folded rosette. You can use tape or a dot of hot glue to secure the rosette shape and the circle in place.

DIY Ice Cream Party Decor- The Art of Paper Crafting Book

You can make a bunch of these to use as awards and make your sundae making into a little competition! What a fun way to celebrate the hot summer days!

DIY Ice Cream Party Decor- The Art of Paper Crafting Book

To finish off your project, use another patterned scrapbook sheet, cut into 4 strips (length wise) to create the tails. Cut a small triangle out of the bottom and affix two overlapping strips to the back of your rosette.

DIY Ice Cream Party Decor- The Art of Paper Crafting Book

The beauty of the scrapbook pages is that they are all two sided so you can make your ribbons look different.

DIY Ice Cream Party Decor- The Art of Paper Crafting Book

You can also use the “wine tags” from this set as a cute way to mark ice cream flavors or keep track of the sundae creators.

A great piece of decor for your home and party is the beautiful Vanilla Ice Cream Chalk Recipe Print. This recipe is delicious and makes a great display for your ice cream social!

Last but not least. Use your “indulgent” postcards from the Art of Paper Crafting as beautiful, ready-made invitations for your party! These are easy to punch out and pop in the mail and are sure to get your guests excited!

It’s so easy to build a party theme using the Art of Paper Crafting Book. There are so many other fun ready to use elements in this set that you can add to make your gathering truly unique. Some simple DIY projects and you are ready to impress everyone with your put-together hostessing skills for even the simplest party idea.

The art of paper crafting book ice cream social
Lily & Val Loves- Festive Picnic Supplies

Hopefully your summer is off to a fun start! As we approach the end of June, no doubt you have or are looking forward so some kind of picnic or cookout celebration. From grad parties and get together to the upcoming 4th of July festivities…these cute festive picnic supplies are sure to be a quick and easy addition to all of your party plans!

First up, these paper straws come in three beautiful colors and, like all of the items on our list, are available on amazon!  Use all three for a patriotic party or use one color at a time for a different color scheme.

Festive Picnic Supplies

These adorable eco- friendly wooden ice cream spoons are perfect for little treats and for little ones. They make time for sweet just a little sweeter for your guests.

mini wooden spoons perfect for icecream

Serving ice cones, ice cream cone cupcake treats, or just using cones as a festive delivery for other delectables? This cone stand will make for a lovely display or make filling all of those ice cream cones for your guests a little easier.

ice cream cone stand

A beautiful and quality ice cream scoop can also make serving cool treats at your summer get together a little more fun. We love this one with a beautiful wooden handle and easy lever.

vintage inspired ice cream scoop

Last but not least…check out these beautiful colors! These long handled spoons are a great option for trifles, sundaes, puddings, and milkshakes! Long handled sundae spoons

Hopefully you found something to make your next picnic or social gathering this summer a little more festive!! Happy Entertaining!

 Our Lily & Val Loves Series contains affiliate links. That means a little bit of your purchase through these posts helps us just a little too! This changes nothing about your purchase price, and we are not asked to feature these items. These are just things we carefully pic because we love them and think you will too! Thanks for helping spread the love! xo
Nursery Ideas For Small Spaces

As you have probably noticed, we are all in baby mode around here. With the recent release of the Nursery Print Collection, I have been very ready to decorate our little one’s special space.

Setting up a “nursery” can look different in every home. Hubby and I live in an old Pittsburgh home where we rent out our upper two floors as apartments. This means our living space is pretty small with only one bedroom but lot’s of high ceilings and character. To make space for baby we moved all of our rooms around and combine our dining and living areas together. This has made for a fun decorating challenge.

Our baby’s “room” is now where we previously had our room set up, and it has become one of my favorite places in our home. This is the space before…

With a coat of neutral paint on the walls and trim ( I went with Cameo White and Palais White by Behr), the room became a bright, blank slate for baby. We are waiting to be surprised by baby’s gender, so I stuck with a neutral color scheme with accents of grey-blue and peach. I plan to add in more color depending on the babies gender.

The colors were inspired by this photo that I took on my trip through Provence last summer. I love the contrast of the building for baby to look at just above their changing table.

The stork was a special addition from my dad. He made this wooden version of the stork that I drew for my baby shower invitation and I loved it so much I had to use it as decor.

Wooden elements are a part of our mid-century/ eclectic decor throughout our home, so since this space is open to the rest of the house, I wanted to keep the style consistent to help our home maintain a  cohesive feel.

Having a small shelf just above the changing table gives us a place to keep some little distractions for baby and a few other special items on display.

In a small space it is so important to consider all of your furniture carefully. After considering many changing table options, I decided to use this cafe table, that I purchased years ago, that fit our changing pad perfectly. It is a foldable table that used to sit outside of a cafe in Paris…who would have ever thought it would be the perfect thing to change dirty diapers on. I love a piece with a story.

Using architectural details in an old home is always a good way to save space as well. I chose to use our radiator as a place to keep some changing supplies on hand and this cute little bunny tray keeps it all looking neat and tidy.

Instead of a large diaper pail, I opted for this small trash can that is less invasive in the space and simple enough to change out as needed.

Another small nursery tip is to go vertical as much as you can! These 6′ tall bowling alley lockers that my father restored for the nursery are the perfect storage solution for our small footprint. They have made it so easy to organize baby items…one for toys, one for clothes, one for blankets, one for diapering and feeding supplies. It will be a great piece to grow with baby as they get older too!

The light in this room is so beautiful! I can’t wait to sit in this cozy corner and feed baby as we watch the leaves blow and the squirrels play.

Adding in personal touches to a nursery is so important to make the space feel cozy. Some paintings and drawing that I have made for baby make the space feel extra special. I have a very sentimental landscape painting that I am working on as well to add to the decor, especially if baby is a little boy.

Another decor piece that I am so excited to add to the nursery is the Our Baby Birth Stats Print in 11×14″. This will be such a special way to document baby’s arrival and the perfect accent to our neutral decor!

A very practical way to decorate and add storage is to add some hooks. I love these green wall hooks to help keep my baby wrap and diaper bags off the floor and easy for everyone to find.

We are using a large antique buffet cabinet from our dining room as a room divider in the space. For now I simply painted the back white and am waiting to add some fun wallpaper to the back after baby arrives! Having this as a place to mount the diaper bag hooks basically gave us another “wall” to work with in this small space.

An antique record player that hubby selected for the nursery is another one of my favorite additions to the room and will be so perfect to play all of our favorite records for baby. This also gave us a spot for a small antique hobnail lamp and a few books.

For now our mini crib has a home in our bedroom. But when baby moves into their space full time, the wood of the crib and record player will match perfectly!

I hope you have enjoyed and found a little inspiration in my tiny nursery tour. We are so excited to add to and changed things around once life with our little one officially begins…but for now it is organized and homey. We find ourselves hanging out in this space all the time. I guess that’s a pretty good sign.

Lily & Val Loves- Nursery Decor

All things nursery around here lately. With so many babies on the way and our new Nursery Print Collection just releases, we have been looking at all of the beautiful baby and nursery decor items out there. We have put together a list of some of our favorite nursery decor items for every style from some great small businesses.

These lovely modern throw blankets come is some beautiful soft colors to go with any little one.

Beautiful Cotton Geometric throws for the Nursery

This beautiful nursery picture ledge is perfect for displaying your new Lily & Val Nursery Prints and other special items for baby. They come in a variety of finishes to customize your look.

Picture or book ledge shelf

You could always make your own nursery mobile with our recent DIY Nursery Mobile Tutorial…or you could purchase this adorable little honey bee mobile that is also handmade. Isn’t that little bee hive just darling.

Honey Bee Mobile

Another great option to display your new nursery prints and other artwork are these print frame poster holders. They are easy to use and magnetic so they won’t damage your prints or pictures. They also come in a variety of finishes to match your decor.


Magnetic Print Hangers

My personal favorite color is mustard yellow. This mustard dandelion crib sheet is just darling and will match so many color schemes and styles with just a little vintage whimsy.

Dandelion Crib Sheet

Last but not least, these beautiful linen play mats are perfect to have around the house. They grow with baby in style from infant comfort, to tummy time, to toddler play time. The beautiful colors are lovely for monthly baby pictures as well. Just watch how little one grows.

Baby Playmat

We hope you find some items to add to your little bundles special home. Gifting one of these items will being a smile to any mommas face.


Our Lily & Val Loves Series contains affiliate links. That means a little bit of your purchase through these posts helps us just a little too! This changes nothing about your purchase price, and we are not asked to feature these items. These are just things we carefully pic because we love them and think you will too! Thanks for helping spread the love! xo