DIY Bridal Shower Table Inspiration Using Life Of The Party Papercrafting

We are still over the moon about the launch of our new book, Life of the Party Papercrafting! The paper goods inside these pages truly have unlimited possibilities, so we thought we would show you just a few fun ideas that would be lovely for an intimate bridal shower or other gatherings.

We pulled our pieces for this table setting from the “formal” theme of paper goodies and the “brunch” theme. One of our favorite parts about the book is that you can mix and match any theme inside and it will look nice together!

Use Placecards & Small Cards as Table Number Signs

I just love this combination for marking the table numbers! We used a place card to handwrite “table” and then one of the small, striped cards folded in half to make a smaller “tent” for the number! It adds such a cute touch to the table next to your centerpiece arrangement.

Use Small Cards or Placecards to Mark Food Items

How cute is this banner place card used to label the type of pie?! You can use these cards on buffet tables or at each setting.

Wine Tags Aren’t Just For Wine

If you are hosting a brunch or tea party, use the wine tags to mark the handle of the cups! It’s cute and unexpected. You could also have this double as a name tag for guests to find their seat.

Customize your party!

The bellybands with open spaces to write are perfect for customizing your party. You could fill these in with an icebreaker, customize with names, incorporate it into a game, or anything else you can think of! We decided to write “fall in love” in the space, a cute sentiment for a Fall bridal shower.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas! All of the paper items used here can be found in the book! Just punch out the perforations and they’re ready to use.

I cannot wait to see how you use this book! Please be sure to tag us on Instagram so we can see. 🙂 Cheers!

In The Kitchen: Everyday Black Bean Quinoa

Fall is a great time to get back into the swing of cooking, meal planning, and enjoying time around the table together. I came up with this simple quinoa recipe as a way to keep a healthy side on hand. It’s beautiful colors and hearty vegetables make the perfect fall side dish. The best part…this dish is wonderful reheated in the oven, skillet, or microwave. This makes it perfect to take along as a Thanksgiving dish!


2 small zucchini

3 mini sweet peppers (Orange and Red are great for a fall color splash!)

1 can of organic black beans (drained and rinsed)

1 cup of cooked quinoa (I love the frozen organic kind from Trader Joe’s for quick convenience)

1 cup frozen broccoli

1tsp garlic salt mix

1/2 tsp pink Himalayan sea salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

1/2 tsp red chilli pepper flakes

This dish is not a truly spicy one, so don’t fear the heat! The chili pepper flakes do give a little hint of spice but nothing too overpowering. If you like it spicy try adding a little more chili in there!

First, peel and slice your zucchini. Keep those cuts pretty consistent so that everything cooks evenly.

Next, remove your pepper stems and slice into strips.

Warm up your skillet with a little olive oil and add in your peppers and spices, then the frozen broccoli, then zucchini. Stir occasionally to cook everything evenly.

Adding in your peppers first allows them more cooking time since they are more substantial than the zucchini. The same goes for the broccoli. If you add frozen broccoli, allow it to begin cooking and thaw a bit before adding your zucchini. If you use fresh, you can add these two ingredients closer together.

Look at all of that color! Cook your veggies until tender but still bright in color.

Next, dump in your rinsed black beans. Stir it all together over medium-high heat.

Once your zucchini is at that translucent stage, add in your cooked quinoa. Stir and place in a pretty bowl! Garnish with some sage if you are making this dish for a special gathering.

At home, I like to enjoy this mixture for a few days reheated with a toasted tortilla and eggs for breakfast, or on top of a salad to make a hearty lunch treat. It is great with hot sauce or salsa too!

I hope you enjoy this versatile and filling festive, fall side dish! Of course, I had to record this recipe in my Keepsake Kitchen Diary. 

Start a family cookbook by filling out the pages of the Keepsake Kitchen Diary with your favorite recipes

Bon appetit!

Lily & Val Loves: Fall Candles

The best part of cooler weather….burning candles! It’s just the best way to warm up your home visually and emotionally! So, we thought we would round up our favorite candles of the season!

Of course our number 1 fall candle pick this season would have to be from Rockaway Candle Co. (You may recognize this candle from our Fall Surprise Box!) You all know how much we love the darling Morgan, who is handmaking these beautiful sophisticated candles while in college, but when you smell her Pumpkin Sweet Cream Candle, you will know why we love it so much! The almond notes are divine.

Lovely Sophisticated favorite fall candle

Next up, so many great fall scents to choose from Candelles. You guys are familiar with these candles from our many past collaborations with them! We love her classic Pumpkin Roll candle and Vanilla Maple, both good enough to make your mouth water. Another great option for those of us who don’t want to be hungry…her Sweater Weather and Cabin Getaway candles both have a great Fall feel to them.

classic fall candles are a favorite of ours

This drop-dead gorgeous candle has a wonderful earthy scent. The Oak and Moss candle is as inviting as an evening by a bonfire.

Stunner of a fall candle

Fellow Pittsburgh small business, Sweet Water Decor’s “Pumpkin Spice” candle is everything you want a pumpkin spice candle to be – warm, spicy, and nostalgic.

Sweet water decor pumpkin spice candle


Another longtime favorite around the Lily & Val team is the Bourbon & Tobacco Flower candle from another Pittsburgh local, North Ave. Candles. Amanda makes these cleaver scents to specifically capture various banned book titles. Her creative scent combinations truly capture the spirit of all of the stories she features.

Lovely Fall candle to curl up with a good book...and it smells like a book too!

We hope you check out some of these lovely scents from some of our favorite fellow makers. Enjoy your cool evenings this fall by flickering candle light.

Our Lily & Val Loves Series contains affiliate links. That means a little bit of your purchase through these posts helps us just a little too! This changes nothing about your purchase price, and we are not asked to feature these items. These are just things we carefully pic because we love them and think you will too! Thanks for helping spread the love! xo
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Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #97

Pretty Ordinary gives you a sneak peek into Lily & Val behind the scenes! On Lily & Val Living!

For this month’s Pretty Ordinary Friday #97, we’re documenting snapshots of our month. While our pictures may not be the prettiest or the most interesting, we enjoyed each instance and want to remember them! These are the behind-the-scenes, in-between moments – the small peeks that would otherwise be forgotten. Join us as we use this series to scrapbook the unedited, memorable happenings at Lily & Val and what is inspiring our team!

The team says:

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #97 with shameless bathroom selfies, faux fall florals and L&V in TJMaxx 1. “I got all dressed up for an event this week, which called for a shameless bathroom selfie! But hey, this bathroom was gorgeous!” – Valerie

2. “I can’t get over these pretty Fall colors! I used these flowers to make a wreath.” – Valerie

3“So excited to see a few Lily & Val canvases in TJMaxx!! This was the first time we were seeing them in store & Mak’s Mom snapped this photo of us!” – Valerie 

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #97 with poured paint pendants, new Pumpkin Pie Spice recipe prints and sneak peek at a new L&V design4“We visited my Mother-in-law for Labor Day. She makes these beautiful charms for necklaces by hand-pouring paint. Aren’t they so beautiful? No two are alike. You can find them in her Etsy store!” – Valerie

5. “Took a visit to the L&V Shipping Department. I love seeing all the Fall prints ready to go out to new homes- especially this new one!” – Valerie

6. “A little honey bear on my desk. How cute is he?! This is a peek of an upcoming recipe illustration!” – Valerie

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #97 with gorgeous latte designs, collabs with Papyrus and Surprise Box assembly7. “The perfect latte art at Adda Coffeehouse called for a photo.” – Valerie

8. “Since it’s back to school time- had to share my latest collaboration card with Papyrus! The frame, chalk, pencil, eraser and cute apple are all 3-D! I love that about Papyrus cards!” – Valerie

9. “I love our Surprise Boxes! Especially when I get to make a special flower arrangement for each one!” – Emily

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #97 with flea market days, Bedform Springs Resort girls trip and milkshake sharing10. “We started going to this local flea market day for the store…and now we just like keeping the tradition alive. Who doesn’t need to shop for vintage things?!” – Emily

11. “A little girls trip with my best friend to Bedford Springs Resort proved to be full of great design inspiration!” – Emily

12. “Caught my parents being cute, sharing a milkshake.” – Emily

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #97 with new Fall hairstyles, yoga fuel and Pitt/Penn State rivalry

13. “Got a little excited about cool weather a little too early. Glad to have bangs again…but they aren’t fun in the heat! Who else has this problem?” – Emily

14. “I did yoga in Market Square and then followed it up with brunch at Revel – because who does yoga without brunch?!? The Revel Bowl was AMAZING!!!” – Nicole

15. “Sometimes, Saturdays in the Fall are tough for us. But I guess that depends on whether or not you are on the winning side! Go PSU!” – Nicole

4 Tips for Displaying a Wreath Indoors

Hello, Fall lovers!

You know we love a wreath here at Lily & Val, so I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to display a wreath inside your house.

4 Tips for Displaying a Wreath Indoors

Using your favorite wreaths inside is a great option for folks who live in apartments or just have more than one wreath they would love to display.

Tip 1: Display above low furniture

Use a wreath to give low furniture more presence in the room. Displaying your wreath above a bar cart, record stand, or small desk is a beautiful way to elevate that area visually. Consider it part of the grouping of objects you are already displaying on that furniture. This really adds dimension to your decor.

4 Tips for Displaying a Wreath Indoors

Tip 2: Display on an interior door

Displaying your wreath on a door is the most common way to show it off…so why not use an interior door. Here a wreath can add color and interest to dull areas of the house, or where space to decorate is limited. Just be careful not to overdo it. Choose one door that doesn’t have too much else going on around it.

Display a wreath on an interior door

Tip 3: Add texture to a gallery wall

Use your wreath to add texture and variety to a gallery wall. This will help break up the rigid shape of your frames and other artwork. A wreath can also be a great choice to fill any awkward space in your gallery wall arrangement.

(L&V canvases can be found here)

Lily & Val Canvas + a wreath displayed indoors makes for a lovely gallery wall

Tip 4: Experiment with different placements

Don’t be afraid to try out different placements. Command strips can be a simple and damage free way to change your wreath placement. It’s always best to experiment with your space until you find the look that is just right.

Chinese Lantern Botanical art looks beautiful displayed with a Fall wreath

I hope you all enjoy your wreath making and buying just a little more with some new display ideas under your belt. Happy decorating!

4 Tips for Displaying a Wreath Indoors
Life of the Party Papercrafting Releases Today!

Life Of The Party Papercrafting is an entire book of paper crafts for parties. Perfect for paper lovers and scrapbookers!

Friends! It’s time to celebrate because my latest book – Life of the Party Papercrafting – released today!!

To everyone who pre-ordered THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. The book is shipping today and I cannot wait to hear what you think when you receive it.

Life Of The Party Papercrafting is an entire book of paper crafts for parties. Perfect for paper lovers and scrapbookers!

Here’s what you will find inside:

♥ 22 pretty cards & 25 handy tags
♥ 24 classy place cards & 27 cute mini cards
♥ 16 coasters, 16 napkin rings & 16 wine charms
♥ 4 stylish menus & 9 sophisticated belly bands
♥ 2 versatile envelope templates & 6 postcards
♥ 16 pages of gorgeous two-sided scrapbook paper

….everything is hand-drawn with love, of course!

Life Of The Party Papercrafting is an entire book of paper crafts for parties. Perfect for paper lovers and scrapbookers!

The book has been designed for parties, but there are so many pieces inside that can be used for a number of other paper crafts. Basically, if you are a paper lover, I really think you’re going to enjoy this book! 🙂

Life Of The Party Papercrafting is an entire book of paper crafts for parties. Perfect for paper lovers and scrapbookers! Life Of The Party Papercrafting is an entire book of paper crafts for parties. Perfect for paper lovers and scrapbookers!

For even more peeks inside, check out my previous post.

To finally be able to share this with you all is such an honor. Thank you again, dear friends, for supporting L&V and inspiring us to do what we do. Now excuse me while I giddily wait for you to receive your copy in the mail. I can’t wait to see what you will create with the book! Be sure to tag me and Lily & Val on Instagram.

Life Of The Party Papercrafting is an entire book of paper crafts for parties. Perfect for paper lovers and scrapbookers! Life Of The Party Papercrafting is an entire book of paper crafts for parties. Perfect for paper lovers and scrapbookers!

We’ve also made the book available on! Find it here.

Lily & Val Loves: Shop Our Fall Photo Shoot

So many of you have asked about some of the decor spotted in our fall photo shoot! I’m so happy to share with you some of my favorite items from the shoot and where you can purchase them too!

Lot’s of you asked about these beautiful skeleton leaves. Check out all the colors!

delicate skeleton leaves for all your fall crafting.

These amber apothecary jar candles are not only pretty to decorate with, but some of our favorite scents too! My personal fave is Tabacco and Patchouli.

Super sophisticated fall candles with a vintage vibe. These simple matte black frames are perfect with all of our fall prints! I especially love it with the “Everything beautiful in its time” print!

The Perfect Matte Black frame

These cute and functional wooden storage bins are not only featured in our photos but also in our “How to decorate open shelves” post!

Versatile and beautiful wooden storage bin.

While the canisters that I used in our fall shoot are no longer available… I love these ceramic canisters that have a very similar look.

Classic ceramic canisters

This is a great larger option for the perfect ceramic canister also!

Lovely Ceramic and wood canister.

A cement pumpkin is a great way to update the classic pumpkin look. I love these little guys with their metallic stems!

A modern twist on classic pumpkin decor. Cement Pumpkins are a fun twist on a classic. Buy some here!


White enamel is always a good classic choice. These enamel cups are great to use as a vase or candle holder.

Classic white enamel vases Here is where you can find these beautiful white enamel pieces.

These leather journals are so beautiful! The handmade journals also make a great gift.

Handmade Leather Travel Journal

I hope you all enjoy shopping our fall shoot! Look out for more photo shopping lists to come…we love that you guys are as into the details as we are!

Our Lily & Val Loves Series contains affiliate links. That means a little bit of your purchase through these posts helps us just a little too! This changes nothing about your purchase price, and we are not asked to feature these items. These are just things we carefully pic because we love them and think you will too! Thanks for helping spread the love! xo
Fall Gathering Surprise Box Launching on Thursday, September 13th

Many of your asked for Fall Surprise Box and I am so excited to tell you it is coming!! In the spirit of our Fall “Gather” Collection, we have curated and specially designed this box with a Fall gathering theme! Items to warm your home, entertain guests, and enjoy the simple things of the season are all present here!

Keep reading for some peeks and get ready, this Fall Surprise Box will be launching on Thursday, September 13th at noon Est!

Although we try to increase quantities as best we can, our Surprise Boxes sell out very quickly! Our previous boxes have sold out in under an hour. As always, we’re thrilled you guys are loving these boxes so much and we’re doing our best to offer more, but still a VERY limited number. So, set those alarms!

Fall Gathering Surprise Box Launching on Thursday, September 13th

About L&V Surprise Boxes:

Our curated boxes are filled with L&V products, gifts & goodies from makers we love and one-of-a-kind items handmade by us and only available exclusively through the box! We don’t just throw together random objects, each piece has been thoughtfully designed and selected to create a wonderful experience for you to fit our theme. We put them for sale at an AMAZING price (which includes shipping) and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

Fall Gathering Surprise Box Launching on Thursday, September 13th

A peek at what you can expect to find in this Fall Gathering Surprise Box:

You guys know how much I love Fall, so I want to share everything, but I know there’s no fun in giving all the secrets away!  I still, however, want to share just a tiny peek of what you can expect to find as part of your Fall Box!

Pumpkin + Sweet Cream Candle by Rockaway Candle Co:

If you loved the candle in our Staycation Box, you are going to love this!  I am thrilled to have another amazing candle from Morgan and her company The Rockaway Candle Co. in the box for Fall! Morgan took her pumpkin + sweet cream fragrance and hand-poured it into the most beautiful golden glass jar just for our box. I will certainly be keeping this pretty vessel long after the candle is gone.

Morgan does such a beautiful job of describing her fragrances so I will leave that up to her:

The best way to describe our Pumpkin + Sweet Cream fragrance is fresh pumpkin pie right out of your oven. This scent is the epitome of Fall + what Fall means to us, which is cozy nostalgic moments with your loved ones and will have your mouth watering with its delicious notes of pumpkin, sweet vanilla, and cinnamon.  This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including cinnamon, clove, and ginger.

Amazing, right!?

Rockaway Candle Company Pumpkin + Sweet Cream Handmade Candle Rockaway Candle Company Pumpkin + Sweet Cream Handmade Candle

An Exclusive L&V Hand-Lettered Mug:

I just couldn’t keep this item a secret, because I am too excited about it! This hand-lettered clear glass mug was created just for our box. We couldn’t put together a Fall box without something special to hold your warm beverage of choice. For those who would live in a world that was a perpetual Fall, this mug is for you.

Fall Gathering Surprise Box Launching on Thursday, September 13th

A Handmade, Modern Faux Flower Arrangement:

In every box, we love to include a special, handmade item and this pretty magnolia and vase decoration was sourced and handmade by us just for the Fall box. You can’t get it anywhere else! The flower sits in acrylic “water” that looks beautiful in the vintage-inspired gold vase.  It’s such an elegant piece to add to your Fall decorating and warm your home. (P.S. It will display beautifully with any Lily & Val Fall print!)

Hand Lettered lily & val mug for Fall! Fall Gathering Surprise Box Launching on Thursday, September 13th

A Full Experience:

For our “Staycation” box, we decided to try something different and provide exclusive content to everyone who purchased a box. We decided to do the same for our Fall “Gather” theme! In addition to all the amazing items in the box, you will also receive special, exclusive content delivered to your inbox! Our goal with these recipes, DIYs, and more is to help you savor this season of gathering and coordinate with the items in your box.

That is all I’m going to say before I reveal too much! What I can say is that this box will be holding a total value of over $125 in products!

Fall Gathering Surprise Box Launching on Thursday, September 13th

A Special Surprise:

To celebrate the launch of our brand new book, Life of the Party Papercrafting, we will also be surprising someone with a copy tucked into their box! The book releases on September 10th!

Life of the Party Papercrafting is the perfect addition to your gatherings

Set Those Alarms

The day before the box goes on sale (September 12 at noon EST), we will be jumping on Facebook LIVE to show you even more!

A few other announcements to answer your questions before the boxes go on sale:

* The price of the box includes shipping! The value of this Fall Box is over $130 so we can assure you it’s going to be an amazing deal!
* Because the box is already priced as such, no other discounts or coupon codes will apply.
* Boxes are currently only available in the U.S. (international friends, we are very sorry and hope to have a future solution!)
*You guys are just the best. We love you!

Sign up to receive L&V emails and be notified when the box is on sale! And don’t forget to set those alarms- Thursday,  September 13th at noon EST! We expect to sell out quickly!

September’s “Forever Fall” FREE Desktop Download

September's "Forever Fall" FREE Desktop Download by Lily & Val

September is here and to me, that means it’s officially FALL!! 

I’m just a little excited (if you couldn’t tell!)

This month’s desktop download was created with my Fall-loving friends in mind. So, grab your PSL and dress your tech for the season (even if it’s still too warm to break out your favorite sweater.)

Happy September, everyone! I hope you enjoy these free designs, hand-drawn with love, as always!

Autumn Leaves free computer desktop background wallpaper September's "Forever Fall" FREE iPhone wallpaper

P.S. Love the design? You can find it on our Gather pillow in the shop!

Gather handmade pillow with hand-drawn leaves for Fall Gather Pillow with hand-drawn leaves for Fall

Download Your Free Wallpaper:

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