May’s “Pastel Landscape” Desktop Download

Over the last year, the medium of soft pastel has stolen my heart. It has been life-giving to explore creatively and try something new! I’m especially drawn to landscapes because of the mood and emotion they convey and the ability to play with light and shadow in a way I never have before.

More and more, I’ve been incorporating this art into Lily & Val (with more to come this month that I’m excited to share) and your encouragement has meant the world to me! In the meantime, I decided to offer this pastel painting as this month’s free wallpaper. I’ve been enjoying the painting on my own devices because it makes me feel calm and peaceful when I look at it. I hope it helps you feel some calm as well. Enjoy!

To download for free during the month of May 2021 use coupon code: DDMAY21

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April’s “You Are Worthy” Desktop Download

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February’s “Growing Things” Desktop Download

I’m always reminded in the winter that although we can’t see it, growth is taking place. Through the dark, silent, stillness all may seem dead now, but Spring WILL emerge. We can hold onto this hope and relish in the waiting. To download for…

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January’s “Courage” Desktop Download

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