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Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #45

Pretty Ordinary gives you a sneak peek into Lily & Val behind the scenes! On Lily & Val Living!

For this week’s Pretty Ordinary Friday #45, we’re documenting snapshots of our week. While our pictures may not be the prettiest or the most interesting, we enjoyed each instance and want to remember them! These are the behind-the-scenes, in-between moments – the small peeks that would otherwise be forgotten. Join us as we use this series to scrapbook the unedited, memorable happenings at Lily & Val and what is inspiring our team!

The team says:

Lily & Val Pretty Ordinary Blog #45 presents gold foil samples and chalk lettering in progress for Old Fashioned1. “Give me all the gold foil! Picking out samples for some new, exciting things in the works!” Valerie

2. “Lots of cocktail drawings happening over here this week! Here’s a peek at the Old Fashioned in process.” –Valerie

L&V Behind the Scenes blog shows off Grace Bonney Book In The Company Of Women, Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks, sketching on iPad at Ace Hotel Pittsburgh3“We started carrying Grace Bonney’s book, “In The Company of Women” at the Lily & Val Flagship Store. I can’t wait to dig into it!” -Valerie

4“Over the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Trisha Yearwood! You guys! It was so surreal. She (and Garth who I had the pleasure of meeting as well) are two of the nicest, most genuine people you will meet. It was an honor.” -Valerie

5“My happy place: sketching out some new card ideas on my iPad Pro plus enjoying an almond milk latte at Ace Hotel in Pittsburgh!” -Valerie

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #45 entry shows Spring and Valentine's day photoshoot props and desk made by Revival Print Co. in Pittsburgh6. “Anyone else scroll through old pics? I found this little BTS gem this week from last years Valentines/Spring product photo shoot. It’s crazy how much things have changed since then!” -Emily

7. “Studio desk built by Rivet Design Co. in Pittsburgh just arrived – they did such an incredible job!” –Alivia

Lily and Val shares for Pretty Ordinary Friday #45 a Bob Ross inspired painting, set decorations for high school play and light fixtures in an antique store8“Bob Ross Painting Party got pretty intense.” -Alivia

9. “My evenings have been spend doing a rather large set painting for my high school Alma mater. It’s been a long process but they always put on such a great show! Proud to be a part of the JCCS family still.” -Emily

10. “We are getting ready to remodel our bathroom (insert wide eye face here)! I just had to buy these little gems from one or my favorite antique spots.” -Emily

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