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Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #96

Pretty Ordinary gives you a sneak peek into Lily & Val behind the scenes! On Lily & Val Living!

For this month’s Pretty Ordinary Friday #96, we’re documenting snapshots of our month. While our pictures may not be the prettiest or the most interesting, we enjoyed each instance and want to remember them! These are the behind-the-scenes, in-between moments – the small peeks that would otherwise be forgotten. Join us as we use this series to scrapbook the unedited, memorable happenings at Lily & Val and what is inspiring our team!

The team says:

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #96 with Holiday designs in summer, Fallingwater and photoshoot mess1. “It’s that magical time of year when Fall is on my mind, Holiday designs are on my desk, but it’s summer in reality!” – Valerie

2. “I am embarrassed to say this, but I lived in Western, PA almost my whole life and never visited Fallingwater! We finally made it happen for Mak’s birthday. It was amazing and such a beautiful day.” – Valerie

3“I couldn’t share this before, because it was a secret, but I can finally show this behind-the-scenes from our Life of The Party Papercrafting shoot! Photoshoot messes are my favorite.” – Valerie 

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #96 with daisies from Trader Joe's, Texas Sheet Cake and Fall botanicals pillow4“Picked up this cute little bundle from Trader Joe’s just because they made me happy.” – Valerie

5. “Ok, I know it’s not the prettiest cake, BUT it tastes delicious (mostly because of butter)! I made Mak’s grandmother’s Texas Sheet Cake for his birthday and felt very proud because he said it tasted like she used to make it!” – Valerie

6. “I got a new comforter! It may seem like something so small, but I’m in love with it and have been looking forward to bedtime all week. I also love how it looks with our new Fall botanical pillow. Yep, I’ve started decorating for Fall – can’t help myself!” – Valerie

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #96 with old family photos, mud masks and refreshed kitchen hardware7. “We went through a ton of old family photos recently, and I love the colors in this pic of my Uncles beautiful car!” – Emily

8. “All my favorite colors for fall in one photo, favorite of which is the color of the Klei beauty mask from the Staycation box!” – Emily

9. “Did a refresh of my kitchen…which began with these curtains and spiraled into repainting and new hardware. Oh well…welcome fall!” – Emily

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #96 with 80th birthday party decor, fresh berries and faux fall florals10. “Some of the decorations from my Nanna s 80th! She loves red and antiquing, so this decor seemed appropriate.” – Emily

11. “The man and I took a little trip to a beautiful new place, and these berries stole my heart!” – Emily

12. “You know how I love faux florals! Well these ones are real show stoppers. A super sophisticated color and lots of texture!” – Emily

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #96 with elephants relaxing, ice cream cones and first day of Kindergarten

13. “We hit the Pittsburgh Zoo on the day before school started and caught this elephant just maxin’ and relaxin’.” – Nicole

14. “It ain’t summer without a massive ice cream cone with Oreo crumbles on top! Unlike the rest of the team, I am NOT looking forward to Autumn.” – Nicole

15. “First day of Kindergarten for my little guy! No tears from this mama. I am just so excited for him!” – Nicole

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