Winter watercolor landscape free desktop background download

For December’s free desktop downloads, I channeled my inner Bob Ross and painted this soft watercolor landscape.

Confession: Bob Ross puts me to sleep. This is not a bad thing and it’s not because I am bored – quite the opposite! His painting combined with the sound of his voice is soothing and comforting. When my head is spinning at the end of the day, I watch a Bob Ross episode on Netflix and my mind begins to calm. I feel happy and relaxed.

Even if in a tiny way, I hope this little landscape painting inspires those feelings of calmness when you look at your tech this month.

The theme of the 2017 Holiday Collection is “All is Calm.” It’s meant to inspire trading the hustle and bustle for slow and intentional. This reminder seems to be needed the most when I’m on my devices.

Free heavenly peace snow covered tree desktop background

These monthly downloads give me the opportunity to play and explore new things creatively and this one was a lot of fun. As I was painting, I shared the process on my Instagram stories and I asked if I should add hand-lettering or leave it without. The answers were mixed, so I decided to offer the download both ways! I hope you enjoy! Happy December, friends!

Free download with Winter forest desktop background Free desktop winter woodland watercolor scene


DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS >> Click the “DECEMBER DESKTOP WALLPAPER” link or the image above. When the image is opened in a new window, right-click the image and select “Save image” or drag it to your desktop (You may have to click twice to bring the image to its full size).  Once the image is saved, go to your System Preferences> Desktop/Screensaver and choose this image as your new wallpaper!
Coordinate your tech with this bonus iPhone wallpaper with lettering or without!
Free desktop download with winter woodland watercolor Winter snow covered tree watercolor free desktop background download