January’s “Courage” Desktop Download

Happy new year, everyone! An exercise that has been helpful to me at the end of each year is choosing a word to represent the coming year. Instead of a lengthy list of resolutions, this word can act as a compass for my actions. January’s desktop download is always my personal word of the year because I like to have this visual reminder on my screens and thought it might resonate with you, too.

I’ve heard it said that courage is not an absence of fear. Quite the contrary! Instead, courageous people may feel fear, but they do not let it define them or hold them back. I think slowing down takes courage, trying again after a failure, letting yourself be seen, sharing your heart, expressing your needs to others, asking for help, reaching out to someone. All courageous. I would like my 2021 to be a courageous year! I hope you enjoy it!

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