June’s “New Beginnings” Desktop Download

June's "New Beginnings" Desktop Download For whatever reason, June has come to represent new beginnings to me. I started Lily & Val 8 years ago on June 6th, the start of a journey I could have never imagined. Another life-altering new chapter happened when my daughter was born last year on June 8th and I became a Mom. And now, this year, another new beginning- a mile-marker- is about to unfold this month. Some say Spring represents a refresh, but for me, it’s June. And this year especially many of us are starting again in some way or another after the global pandemic and time spent at home. I hope this drawing helps you to embrace the time and find some everyday magic no matter what that looks like for you. Enjoy! Lily & Val June 2020 Desktop Wallpaper Lily and Val's June iPhone background by Valerie McKeehan Our Love Letter subscribers receive new wallpaper downloads each month via email as well as access to the Lily & Val Wallpaper Vault! Receive years’ worth of monthly downloads right at your fingertips!

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