June’s “New Beginnings” Desktop Download

June's "New Beginnings" Desktop Download

For whatever reason, June has come to represent new beginnings to me. I started Lily & Val 8 years ago on June 6th, the start of a journey I could have never imagined. Another life-altering new chapter happened when my daughter was born last year on June 8th and I became a Mom. And now, this year, another new beginning- a mile-marker- is about to unfold this month. Some say Spring represents a refresh, but for me, it’s June. And this year especially many of us are starting again in some way or another after the global pandemic and time spent at home. I hope this drawing helps you to embrace the time and find some everyday magic no matter what that looks like for you. Enjoy!

Lily & Val June 2020 Desktop Wallpaper

Lily and Val's June iPhone background by Valerie McKeehan

To download for free during the month of June 2020 use coupon code: DDJUNE20

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