DIY Felt Ball Garland

Make DIY Felt ball garlands for the holidays on Lily & Val LivingThe 2016 Lily & Val Holiday shoot was filled with lots of candy, marshmallows, sparkle, bottle brush trees, AND felt garlands!! These adorable strands brought such a sweet touch to our “Marshmallow World” Christmas theme and they are super easy to make! With a few supplies, you can make them while watching your favorite Netflix show.

DIY felt ball garland for the holidays on Lily & Val LivingDIY Felt Garlands

You will need:

Felt balls in various colors. You can find this variety pack on Amazon or buy them by the color on Etsy.
Embroidery floss in your desired color
A needle

Felt Balls make an adorable holiday garland. Get the DIY on Lily & Val LivingDirections: 

First, choose your colors and group then together. We love these felt garlands for Christmas, but you could change the colors to make them usable all year!  Then, arrange the felt balls in the order you would like them to appear on the garland.

Thread the embroidery floss through the eye of the needle and begin stringing the felt balls onto the floss using the needle.

embroidery floss, felt balls, and a needle are all you need to create an easy holiday felt garland - DIY on Lily & Val LivingString felt balls onto embroidery floss for an easy DIY felt garlandDIY felt ball garlands are easy to make for your holiday mantel decoratingOnce you’ve achieved your desired number of felt balls per garland, cut the floss and tie a loop on both ends.

You could leave the felt balls grouped together without any floss in between, or spread them evenly apart on the strand. Both versions look so cute!

DIY felt ball garlands will make a big impact on your holiday decor this yearSuch an easy DIY to make a big impact in your holiday decor this year!


Bottle brush tree illustrations as part of the Lily & Val Holiday Print Collection. Illustrated and hand lettered with love.

Peppermint Bark illustrated recipe by Lily & Val as part of the 2016 Marshamallow World Holiday Wall Art & Decor Collection

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