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Wanderlust Gift Guide 2016

2016 Gift Guide For Her - Travelers, Wanderers, Nomads & Adventurers

We all need inspiration during the holiday season – especially when it comes to finding just the right gift for that particular person! To help along our readers, we’ve compiled a selection of incredible and fun items. Keep your eyes open for newly-themed gift guides – this guide can be for anyone, but we particularly think it helps with the adventurer’s in our lives.

1. No drawstring bags for this girl! This Weekender Bag  from Mod Cloth has a painterly texture to it that has us – and will have her – swooning!

2. Getting caught in an unfamiliar place without a charger is Travel No-No #1! With this USB Tassel Charger, she will always be able to let you know she arrived safely – wherever she may go!

3. Remind your nomad of their next adventure with this Hand-Drawn Travel Chalk Print from yours truly.

4. You know we had to include something from Target in our guides. Though not in the dollar section, this Blanket Scarf is the perfect addition to her travel wardrobe.

5. Though she may still over-pack, this Travel-sized Straightener from Sephora may help the cause.

6. Staying hydrated in an exciting new place is the last thing on our minds – unless we have a stylish Travel Water Bottle on hand!

We want to hear from our readers, too! Tell us what Gift Guides you want to see in the comments below.

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