5 Ways to a Productive Day

One of the items on our September to-do list is to start  a new routine.  Life just seems a little simpler and easier when you have a routine that helps you get through each day!  A routine can also help you be more productive, which opens up more time for you to do things just for fun- and we like fun!

To help us in our new routines and just to have a great start to this new Fall season, we’re sharing five ways to make your day more productive!

5 easy ways to make your day more productive! // Lily & Val Living!#1. Do the hard things first

Those bigger, seemingly harder things that hang around on your to-do list should be done first thing in the morning!  Not only will it make you feel accomplished at the start of your day, you won’t have time to talk yourself out of it.  We’re more clear-headed in the morning and our energy is at its peak, so take advantage of it.

#2 Set alarms for important tasks or habits

When I want to make sure I get a certain task done, I write it down on my list and also set an alarm on my phone to hold myself accountable!  If something needs to be turned in on a certain time or you want to call the doctor’s office before it closes, set an alarm well in advance.

Alarms are also a great way to create healthy habits!  Setting an alarm for breaks at your desk, or reminders to drink water every hour can help you form those habits you’ve been wanting throughout your day.

#3 Take breaks

Taking a five-minute break every hour can help you stay more productive!  While five minutes doesn’t seem like enough time to reset, just that small amount of time can create a positive effect!  Spend your break texting a friend, calling someone, getting up and stretching your legs or checking off smaller, more personal to-do’s! You will come back to your to-do list with a refreshed mindset.

Make your day more productive with these five easy tips on Lily & Val Living! // Productivity, routine, how to be productive#4 Give yourself credit

Sometimes at the end your day, you may feel like you haven’t been productive at all since a long to-do list remains. Remind yourself that there will always be more to do, and write down everything you accomplished that day, no matter how small! We love using our InkWell Press Daily Download Notepad. Cleaning off your desk space, deleting emails, calling your Grandma- these are all positive, small things that made your day great- so don’t forget to acknowledge them!

How to be productive: 5 simple steps now on Lily & Val Living!#5 Just start

When you have a large project to complete, starting will always be the hardest part. Instead of looking at your project in its entirety, which can be overwhelming,  think about the very first step required in order to get going and do that task. More often than not, just breaking the intimidation that comes with starting will help propel you forward.

img_31594Here’s to a more productive and satisfying day!

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