Each day is a fresh start


When it’s back-to-school season, many of us are ready to fall back into a routine.  We’ve slept in, we’ve vacationed, and now we’re ready to hit the reset button for the rest of the year.  One of our favorite prints from this summer’s collection is a reminder that each day is a fresh start!  When you wake up, you can choose to make that morning a great beginning to your day.  How you start it will often determine how the rest of your day follows.


As we edit and switch up our own routines, we thought we’d share some of the rituals we love to do in the mornings to start out on the right foot. These simple things can have a huge impact on your mindset. It’s always a good day to have a good day, so make your mornings count!


Always make your bed – Once you finally get yourself in an upright position, put everything back in its place.  Making your bed not only gets you moving, it gives a sense of accomplishment! Since the bed is the main focus of a bedroom, seeing it made and looking nice will make you feel like you’ve already checked one task off your list!  

Write down your to-do’s – Before you dive into the day, write down what you hope to accomplish for that day. Staring at a huge to-do list can be daunting and make you feel unproductive when you only tackle a small portion, so make sure your daily list is realistic. A planner always comes in handy for organizing daily tasks since you can easily see any errands or to-do’s from one day to the next.  Getting your thoughts down on paper (or in your Notepad app) will feel great and even better when you cross those things off your list.

Show some gratitude – We all can find something or someone to be grateful for, so take a moment in the morning to text a friend, write a thank you note, or jot down something you are thankful for in a journal.  Beginning a new day with a grateful attitude can really brighten your entire outlook and shift your mental state to a positive one.

Practice some yoga – Savor the peacefulness and calm of morning before checking your email or jumping on social media with a few yoga poses. It’s a great opportunity to stretch and get your blood pumping, especially if you will be sitting down for most of the day. The movements, along with the deep breathing associated with yoga, will help you feel energized and alert.

Read a chapter or two – Do you ever feel like you would love to read more, but you just don’t have the time? Breaking down a book into a chapter or two each morning is manageable and it’s the perfect ritual to ease into your schedule. Even if it’s just a chapter, taking the time to relax (while sipping your tea or coffee) and learn from non-fiction or enjoy a novel makes you feel good! As the day continues and gets busier, you’ll be glad you took some time for yourself.

Go green – Food that’s good for you always makes you feel good and energized!  Try this green smoothie to get a boost bright and early.  In a blender, add: 1 avocado, a big handful of spinach, a piece of peeled, fresh ginger (approx 1 inch), 1 mango, 1 banana, 8-12 oz. coconut water (depending on the consistency you would like), 1 tablespoon of chia seeds. Blend everything together with ice.

Mornings can be so much more than rolling out of bed and rushing around!  Ease into your day and remember: even if today didn’t go as planned, you can start fresh tomorrow!

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