How to write a ‘Thank You’ note

Simple tips to write a great 'Thank You' note. // Lily & Val Living

Although the holiday of gratitude has passed, the reasons to be thankful have not, and especially during this season of giving, we want to take those reasons and send some love! We’re sharing a few simple, thoughtful tips on how to write a great ‘thank you’ note.

How to write a thank you note // Lily & Val Living

Say more than “thank you”

Sometimes it’s easy to be at a loss for words once you’ve made it passed “thank you.” Here are some descriptive words to help spur your writing: appreciated, humbled, smiling, blessing, beautiful, touching, unique, considerate, kind, much-needed, generosity, thoughtfulness, sweet.

Get specific

Whether you received a great gift or a good deed, make sure to tell them why specifically their act of kindness meant so much to you.  Write about how you’re loving and using your new gift, but also about your life in general.  Those few extra sentences make the note a lot more personal.

Ask a few questions

Show  interest in the recipient as well! Writing is such a cherished way to keep in touch (read more about that here), and a thank you note could be the beginning of a beautiful snail friendship! “How are things at your new job?” “What are your plans for the holidays?” Making the card conversational, brings another level of personality to your gesture. This also helps prevent the card from sounding too formal. Write as you would normally speak.

Writing 'Thank You' notes are a great way to count your blessings! How to write a 'thank you' on Lily & Val Living

Write while it’s fresh in your mind

Although a thank you card will be well-received regardless of when it arrives, try to send your thank you note soon after you received the gift or thoughtful act. Writing will come a lot more natural while the event is still fresh in your mind.

Sign off with gratitude & a warm closing

Leave room at the end of your note where you can sign off properly by thanking the recipient again for their generosity. Before signing your name, add a warm closing. “Sincerely” might be a little too formal here. Try “Warmly” ,”Much Love”, “Love and thanks”, “Warmest Thanks”, “With gratitude”, “XOXO”, or even “Talk soon” or “Love always”.

Writing 'Thank You' notes are a great way to count your blessings! How to write a 'thank you' on Lily & Val Living

Keep ‘Thank You’ notes on hand

Make sure you have plenty of cards on hand! You can keep them in a pretty organizer or decorative box for your shelf.  There is always so much to be thankful for- keep your eyes and ears open for reasons to send out a quick note. We guarantee it will brighten someone’s day, not to mention, writing these notes are a great way to practice gratitude and count your blessings!

A few simple tips that will make all the difference on your next thank you note!  We hope it inspires you to pull out some cards and think of the ways you have been loved lately.

Photos courtesy of Jenny Poe.

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