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My home office could definitely use more style.  Right now it does the job, but I need to add a bit more personality to make it feel more like me.  Whenever I go to Pinterest for office inspiration (which is a lot), I notice amazing spaces that all showcase the same thing: an inspiration board.  Inspiration boards are everywhere!  Covered in beautiful pictures, motivating quotes and memories.

I’ve always wanted to create an inspiration board, but have felt intimidated by the idea.  There are many boards I have admired, but I don’t connect with them.  To make a great inspiration board, you have to make it personal and think about what you want to see in front of you everyday – the things that drive you or just make you happy.  It may sound silly to put so much thought into something like this, but the process is really rewarding!  If you are thinking about making your own board, here are some of my tips…

Create an inspiration board that stays true to you. Get the tips on Lily & Val Living!

#1 Dig up the past & the keepsakes

Yes, you shouldn’t always dwell on the past, but sometimes looking at it can keep you moving forward.  For example, I studied abroad in Paris for three months in college and it was such a growing time for me.  I wanted a picture of Paris on my board so I could remember what a special time it was and to remember that adventures are valuable.

Photos lying around, special letters or postcards and other mementos are also great to stick to your inspiration board!  Whatever brings you joy!  Like Marie Kondo says in her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, if it doesn’t spark joy, don’t keep it!  In our case, don’t add it to your inspiration board!Create an inspiration board that stays true to you. Get the tips on Lily & Val Living!

#2 Flip through your magazines

While magazines aren’t always filled with attainable lifestyles, you can use them to find pictures that inspire you.  When I looked through my stack of magazines I wanted photos that carried some meaning for me.  Beautiful flower arrangements, photos full of sunshine and a green environment are things that I enjoy looking at, as well as artistic photography and fashion.

I wouldn’t recommend tearing out too many pages of models and avant garde fashion- unless that really does motivate you!  If these pictures don’t depict your life as-is, or if they make you feel badly about your current situation, pass them up! Inspiration can be from anything, but keep asking yourself if it looks like you and brings you that joyful “spark.”

Create an inspiration board that stays true to you. Get the tips on Lily & Val Living!

#3 Make it your own

When decorating your board, move things around, put one on top of another, and cover as much as you can!  Don’t be afraid to make your board messy and real! I also collected some motivating quotes to display. I really like these because they don’t pressure me to think a certain way or push me to work hard, instead they help me enjoy the day and give a fresh perspective.

As I was putting it together, I kept in mind that this board should remind me of who I am. Ask yourself “Do these visuals capture my personality and passions?Allow your inspiration board to be something that can refresh your spirit and give you a sense of self.

Create an inspiration board that stays true to you. Get the tips on Lily & Val Living!

These tips are simple, but I hope it takes away some of the intimidation in creating an inspiration board. Now my office space has a new piece of artwork that is my very own and makes me happy.

So what will go on your inspiration board?  What inspires you?  We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line in the comments below or tag us in your inspiration board photos on instagram (@lilyandval) and use hashtag #lvinspiration.

Photos courtesy of Jenny Poe

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