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It’s time for everyone to go back to school! It seems like every Target is overrun with families frantically picking up all of the things the kids need to make this new year a great one. In all of the hustle and bustle, it’s tough to find truly thoughtful items, made by hand with love. Most of the time we are after the quick and the cheap, which makes sense for all those basics. However, sometimes it’s nice to find some items that truly make you smile because of how lovely they are, and because you know that someone, with a name and a face, put time and love into making these things for you.

Enter Etsy! I have collected a list of back to school items you can purchase from some awesome independent makers that won’t break the bank and will make you and your little ones both very happy.

In a world full of licensed characters from the latest movie and obnoxiously bright colors, this adorable woodland animal backpack  is a breath of fresh air. This illustration covered backpack is the perfect size for your littlest ones who are headed off to school for the first time, or maybe just want to be like the bigger siblings who are starting back this fall.

The most adorable little backpack for back to school

Speakingof adorable…This rabbit bag backpack is just the cutest thing! Check out the other pics of this little handmade wonder on their Etsy site. It’s just the perfect backpack for your little fur loving kiddos.


Little kid back-sack that looks like a bunny? Yes please!

At home or at school, sometimes keeping track of everyone’s supplies is tough. This personalized wooden pencil box and pencils is so beautiful, so functional, and so affordable. No more fighting over pencils and pencil cases!

Personalized pencil box for keeping track of who's is who's at school and home.

Another great way to keep track of everything when you have multiple kiddos to keep track of…mark items with their own personal washi tape Let each kid pic their design from a selection, then use it to mark lunch bags, markers, notebooks, or even to hang their work on the fridge! The selection from this set of  new leaf washi tape are beautiful! The added benefit is you will like looking at them too…and doesn’t that make staying organized more fun for everyone?!

use washi tape to keep track of everyones supplies this school year. From lunches to supplies.

Oh the importance of the lunch bag! Packing lunches just got a little more fun with these reusable waxed canvas lunch bags. They have a great selection of colors and pattern for every member of the family and are so easy to fill and keep clean. When lunchtime is over, it just folds up and can ride home in their backpack…making it much less likely to be left at school!


the most durable and useful lunch bag!

To make lunch more fun for the kids too, (or just to embarrass your teens) grab some of these scratch off lunchbox notes. What a fun way to remind your precious students that they are awesome and loved…or just to finish eating their carrots.


how fun are these scratch off lunchbox notes to let them know you love them and think they are amazing!


I hope this helps you and the kids start this year off on the right foot! Happy Back to School!

Our Lily & Val Loves Series contains affiliate links. That means a little bit of your purchase through these posts helps us just a little too! This changes nothing about your purchase price, and we are not asked to feature these items. These are just things we carefully pic because we love them and think you will too! Thanks for helping spread the love! xo

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