Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Significance of Snail Mail

For those who aren’t so familiar with Lily & Val, you should know we are all about the little things in life: a sweet moment enjoying a cup of coffee, fresh flowers, a smile from a stranger- any of these can brighten your day in an instant, especially when you are able to do these things for another! Perhaps one of our favorite little ways to offer encouragement is by sending it through snail mail.

What is worse than opening the mailbox and it’s nothing but bills and junk mail? Who wants that? If you’re thinking of a friend or loved one and really want to make their day, we dare you: put down the phone and find a pen and paper. Here’s why…

– In a sea of junk mail, your letter will stick out like a sore thumb in all its hand-written beauty. When you mail a card or letter, even the envelope can make your friends smile. Use washi tape, colorful markers, fun stamps, stickers (check out ours!)- let it shine! Just decorating the envelope can be a creative outlet. 


– Give your hands some exercise as they stretch out and hold a pen instead of a phone or mouse. Your handwriting will get better and better as you fill up the page. Your own writing can be an art in itself and something the recipient will treasure.

– Letter writing can be a lot like journaling- it’s therapeutic but one step better, since someone you love is listening to you at the other end. Without any distractions or bad phone service, your message will be received loud and clear.

– Writing a note causes you to reflect and think on the important details you might not normally say. If you’re anything like me, it is so much easier to write things than to say them.  Sure, a text could work, but seeing it physically written out holds great significance since it shows that you took the time to communicate. Plus, your note can become a keepsake. I have a whole box filled with meaningful notes and cards that hold special meaning to me! I love to cherish and look back on them. You can’t do that with a text message.


– Pen pals. Everyone needs one! Another great point about writing a letter is that they may send one back! I talk to certain friends more in letters than I do over text, and I love it! It allows me to have more insight into their lives than I would by simply texting about how their day is going.

-Sending snail mail is a simple way to show your love. Doing small, random acts for others brings joy for everyone involved. You never know what a huge impact your thoughtful gesture can have. You really can’t go wrong!
So where do you start? Who have you been thinking of lately? Could you find their address without giving the surprise away? What about writing to thank your friend who picked up lunch on your last date, your teacher from high school/college that really made an impact, or reaching out to someone who lives across the country? When you start writing, you’ll find it hard to stop! Imagine how warmly received this small token will be for the one who discovers it among their pesky junk mail. 


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