The Year of Cozy – Book Review

Let’s get cozy, everyone! We’ve been advocates for hygge this year and we can’t think of a better way to achieve that big sigh of contentment than to read a book about coziness while being cozy yourself. So grab a fluffy blanket – or pet! – brew a nice cup of tea, and settle in for our review of The Year of Cozy by Adrianna Adarme.

A Year of Cozy book- banana nut bread hygge recipe!First of all – why this & not Pinterest?

Let’s face it, you can find nearly anything on Pinterest – but that’s also part of the problem. We’ve seen the Pinterest fails. We’ve experienced the broken promises of cure-all concoctions. Most frequently, we’ve all been the victim of click bait. With the magnitude of information available, sorting through worthwhile pins can be a task – on the flip side, this book is a gold mine of interesting information from a lady we trust. Skip the pins and enjoy physically flipping through an actual book of satisfying inspiration!

A Year of Cozy book review by Lily & Val - SO GOOD! We can't wait to begin the DIY's and recipe suggestions!Initial Impressions

The first thing we noticed about this book is that it’s relevant all year round – the sections are organized by season and the chapters by month. Confession, I read through the whole thing with no regard for timeline because I enjoyed the content so much! Each chapter includes an array of impressive recipes, doable DIY’s, and insightful general tips for surviving & thriving throughout the year.


Adrianna offers a wealth of DIY ideas that will also help you save money! She isn’t shy about recommending the “cheap but great” version of different products. We particularly enjoyed her candle-making project to supplement our expensive candle-burning habit.

"A Year of Cozy" - book review, reading list for 2017. Get comfortable for some useful & fun inspiration from Adrianna Adarme!Recipes

Your friends will think of you as fancy after presenting them with the difficult-looking delights that Adrianna guides you through creating. Her instructions are clear and concise with pictures we want to try and eat! She realizes that not everyone has a whole day to burn on projects and includes quality shortcut ideas. We can’t wait to show up at a friends door with handmade flavored butters (the effort) and a roll of freshly baked grocery-store bread (the shortcut).


From taking the time to write your current friends a snail mail note to learning how to make new friends as an adult, we delight in A Year of Cozy‘s follow-through suggestions for the simple and the complex.

"A Year of Cozy" book review - put this one on your 2017 reading list! Insightful and fun tips for every season, each project and adventure brings you new life each month!

A fun and useful read, A Year of Cozy has us in a very hygge attitude. We can’t wait to begin more projects from its pages! Questions about the book? Let us know in the comments!

*Disclaimer: these are the opinions of the Lily & Val team. We were not paid or asked to endorse A Year of Cozy in any way….we just like it a ton. 🙂

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