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Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #102

Pretty Ordinary gives you a sneak peek into Lily & Val behind the scenes! On Lily & Val Living!

For this month’s Pretty Ordinary Friday #102, we’re documenting snapshots of our month. While our pictures may not be the prettiest or the most interesting, we enjoyed each instance and want to remember them! These are the behind-the-scenes, in-between moments – the small peeks that would otherwise be forgotten. Join us as we use this series to scrapbook the unedited, memorable happenings at Lily & Val and what is inspiring our team!

The team says:

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #102 with Bedford Springs view, teddy bear cake and gender reveal parties

1. “We spent a beautiful, wintry few days in Bedford for our 7th anniversary! I couldn’t get over this view.” – Valerie, Founder and Creative Director

2. “While in Bedford, we held a little Gender Reveal Brunch for our immediate families. My mom made this teddy bear cake! Isn’t it adorable? It’s the same one she made for me when I was a baby.” – Valerie

3“And the big reveal… we’ll be adding a little GIRL to our family!” – Valerie 

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #102 with antiquing, photo shoots and floral watercolor

4“A day of taking my time and antiquing. My favorite!” – Valerie

5. “Behind the scenes shooting the L&V Wedding Collection! I can’t wait to reveal all of these products soon.” – Valerie

6. “Had a little late night watercolor painting session just for fun. I think I will hang this in baby girl’s room.” – Valerie

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #102 with Newlywed Keepsake Kitchen Diary at Barnes & Noble, Spring floral inspiration and floral tea pots

7. “Look what I spotted for the first time in Barnes & Noble! The brand new Newlywed Keepsake Kitchen Diary (along with a few of our other wedding items)! I was just a little excited.” – Valerie

8. “Playing with Spring flowers on these frigid, winter Pittsburgh days.” – Valerie

9. “Some flower inspiration from my antiquing adventures. Love these!” – Valerie

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #102 with the KonMari method, Ace Hotel Breakfast and at home photo shoots

10. “Yep, we gave in and Marie Kondo-ed all of our clothes! It started with Mak’s drawers (shown here), and I was so impressed I followed suit. Organizing does not come naturally to me, but it does feel REALLY good.” – Valerie

11. “A beautiful Saturday morning breakfast at one of my favorite spots- Ace Hotel in Pittsburgh.” – Valerie

12. “We had the an amazing time taking pictures with my friend Soozie Harrison at home this month. At home photos are the best!” – Emily, Creative Coordinator


Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #102 with behind the scenes photo shoot florals, baby bump photos and vintage baby books

13. “I love styling our product photos…especially when that requires flower play!”- Emily

14. “Keeping track of this little bump has been so much fun! So happy we were able to finally share this amazing news with all our family and friends!” – Emily

15. “We call our baby Nubbins…and this antique find is for him/her! – Emily

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #102 with restored record players, vintage prop chairs and work at home life

16. “Hubby is restoring this 1956 radio/vinyl console for baby’s room. So in love with how he fixed anything!”- Emily

17. “Fell in love with these chairs from a Netflix prop sale recently…anyone watch Mindhunter?” – Emily

18. “It’s been so cold here in Pittsburgh, so I love cuddling up by the fireplace with my laptop and pup!” – Nicole, Shop Assistant

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #102 with Sunday morning French toast, boxers and pit bulls and the fullest cup of coffee ever

19. “I like to make actual breakfast for everyone on Sundays. French toast was requested and I obliged!”- Nicole

20. “Just my little pile o’ puppies.” – Nicole

21. “That will teach me to add the creamer to the cup before brewing…” – Nicole

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