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Pretty Ordinary Friday #28

Pretty Ordinary gives you a sneak peek into Lily & Val behind the scenes! On Lily & Val Living!

For the Pretty Ordinary series, we’re documenting snapshots of our week that may not be the prettiest or the most interesting, but we enjoyed each instance and want to remember them! These are the behind-the-scenes, in-between moments – the small peeks that would otherwise be forgotten. Join us as we use this series to scrapbook the unedited, memorable happenings at Lily & Val and what is inspiring our team!

Holiday decorations at the Lily & Val flagship store, Fall weather and coffee, Marshmallow World huge holiday print1. “Holiday transformations are happening in the Lily & Val Flagship Store!” Valerie

2. “Sweaters, boots, Starbucks, and crunchy leaves- it doesn’t get any better.” –Valerie

3. “This week we put up the Lily & Val Flagship Store window displays! We took a photo from our Marshmallow World holiday shoot and blew it up to go in each window. I love them and these huge candies!” -Valerie

Valerie McKeehan chalkboard drawing, The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering at Barnes and Noble, beautiful bouquet of flowers4. “Setting the store for Christmas, re-drawing the chalkboard mantel wall, and having a great time! Love this pic Emily snapped!” -Valerie

5. “Over the weekend I participated in the Barnes & Noble Meet the Makers Event with a book signing at my local store!” -Valerie

6. “The last of the fresh fall flowers – oh the color palette!” -Alivia

Colorful vegetables in the kitchen, goofy dog sleeping, holiday cross stitch ornament7“Received my first week of recipes from Plated.  Unfortunately, the final dish did not turn out nearly as pretty!” –Julie

8. “My dog Emma was not nearly as interested in watching the election results as I was!” –Maureen

9. “Can’t get over this ornament in the Lily & Val Flagship Store – my heart melted!” –Alivia

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