Extra Uses for Lily & Val Wrapping Sheets

One of my favorite things about Christmas is giving gifts in beautiful wrapping with ribbons and bows.  One of my least favorite things about Christmas is that all the pretty wrapping paper gets ripped open and thrown away!  I cannot wait to wrap my gifts with L&V’s beautiful chalkboard wrapping sheets, and I have come up with several different ways to make that pretty paper last the whole holiday season.  What I love about our chalkboard art wrapping sheets is that any touch of color pops and makes it perfect for the holidays!
Wrap a frame
Presents aren’t the only thing to wrap this year- wrap your picture frames too!  If you have pictures that aren’t as seasonal as you like, just wrap the whole frame to bring a pretty touch to your wall.  I added ribbon to really make it stand out and look like a present.
Frame it
If some of you have enough gifts to wrap and don’t want to add a frame to the list, just cut out the proper size of your wrapping paper and put it inside the frame!  This red frame adds a lovely color to our Christmas Typography wrapping sheets!  The script of the words give off such a festive feeling!
Cover your books
Switch out your everyday coffee table books for Christmas book sitting on your table! Cut the wrapping sheets a little bit longer in width to cover the edges of the books, that way you don’t see anything but the pretty designs!  I love the difference in thickness using books of all sizes so that you can see the designs from any angle.

Use it as bunting

With small scraps of paper, adding bunting to the fireplace is a simple yet striking detail!  A couple feet of twine and triangles of our Snowflake paper are all you need!  Tape the twine to the back of the paper and it holds up wonderfully!  Pine branches and twine complement this rustic look!6

Add it to a centerpiece
This idea requires no cutting, taping or extra tools!  This extra sheet of the fun Christmas Symbols wrapping sheet is doubling as a centerpiece!
Create your own envelopes
Lastly, for those who love a little bit more of a DIY project: envelopes!  These are much easier than you think!  Just open up an envelope, trace the wrapping sheet to that shape, fold it up and glue together!
Another idea is to create an envelope insert with the wrapping sheets by cutting a shape that fits inside the envelope and the lip.  I love this surprise detail when someone opens the card!  Here are both of the finished looks!

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