Modern Easter Tree – DIY

Have you started decorating for Easter yet? Sometimes it’s hard to decorate for Spring and Easter without getting a bit too cheesy. So, we thought it would be fun to put a new spin on a classic piece- the Easter tree. My mom’s tree had pastel eggs with jelly beans and easter bunnies hanging from its branches, which was fun was I was little, but I’m really loving this more neutral, modern twist.

Our "Happy Easter" card celebrates the fresh start of the springtime. Tulips and bunnies- what more could you ask for? This Easter greeting is available on lilyandval.com!

This Easter Tree is perfect for the modern girl- more organic and natural than the trees of Easters past! We also made ours a cute tabletop size to fit on an entry table or even as a centerpiece.

You will need:

Real farm fresh eggs
Faux rose bud flowers
Cloth butterflies
Artificial moss
Washi tape
Tree branches
A glue gun

The faux florals, cloth butterflies, and moss can be found in the flower section of a craft store.

Create a modern Easter tree with a few simple decorations! Faux flowers, cloth butterflies and some farm fresh eggs make a beautiful Spring centerpiece!


We hollowed the fresh eggs by tapping a hole in the top and bottom of the egg and blowing through it to push the egg white and yolk out.  It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t!  Using a push pin or skinny nail, apply pressure to the shell and slowly twist the nail back and forth until the shell gives way.  Push the nail around a little bit to create a small hole.  Repeat on the other end of the egg, then, like you would with a balloon, blow into the egg and the yolk should come out the other end!

Once the eggs are hollowed and cleaned out, take a long sewing needle with string through the egg.  Tie a knot on the end to secure it.  Then for extra detail, I decorated the eggs with a metallic gold marker!

Create organic egg ornaments by hollowing out the eggs and decorating them with gold marker. Use twine to string them up and add them to a modern Easter tree!

Next, add your decorations to the branches wherever you like!  Hot glue the flower buds and butterflies to the branches and arrange them in a vase filled with moss to hold them in place.  Once you have them assembled in your vase, hang the eggs and wrap small portions of the branches with washi tape for an unexpected detail.

Cloth butterflies make an Easter tree look so organic! A new spin on a Spring centerpiece!

This started as an Easter tree DIY, but this is definitely something I will keep up through the Spring season!  It’s so simple and natural, but stunning at the same time!  The gold washi tape adds a little bit of shine to the rustic elements, which I always like!  Choosing soft colors makes it so versatile.

Create a new Spring centerpiece! This modern Easter tree puts an organic spin on the old classic!

Create a new Spring centerpiece! This modern Easter tree puts an organic spin on the old classic!

Easter doesn't have to be full of pastels and plastic eggs. We put a new spin on the classic Easter tree centerpiece- see more on lilyandval.com!

This Easter, try putting a spin on family traditions.  Whether it’s creating your own Easter tree, or adding a few new ingredients to a family recipe- have fun with it!  Happy Easter!

Photos courtesy of Jenny Poe

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  • Reply Suzy Cav March 29, 2016 at 11:12 am

    This is beautiful! Where did you find the butterflies? I am only finding garish colored ones. Thank you.

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