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Behind the name Lily & Val

Mother’s Day is on Sunday and it seemed like the perfect time to post about something I get asked quite often which is, “Where does the name Lily & Val come from?”

It is not based on anyone named Lily. The name is actually a special nod to my Mother!


For as long as I can remember, my Mom has loved flowers and plants. She endlessly worked in her flower beds and carefully planned out her annuals each year. Our house was decorated with hanging baskets and surrounded by flowering trees. She swooned over the peonies, snow ball bushes, and tiger lilies that grew abundantly at my Grandmother’s house and helped her tend to her flower bed as well. Growing up I was surrounded by gladiolas, lilacs, bleeding hearts, and lily of the valley in the back yard…just to name a few. Springtime was especially exciting to me as the hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and Easter lilies made their way into our home and garden. I distinctly remember our visits to nurseries. It seemed like a magical place and my mom was so happy.
2 As a child, I didn’t realize how fondly I would become of these blooms and how much the scent of a lilac or hyacinth would take my back to the place I grew up. So much of the inspiration for my work comes from flowers and the special meaning they hold for me.
For that reason, I chose to name my business after a lily. To me, it stands for simple pleasures and moments in life that truly mean so much. It also reminds me of my Mother, who encouraged and instilled a creative spirit in me. I am grateful for her each and every day!
Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom! I love you!

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