6 Tips for Relaxing In The Evening

6 Tips for relaxing and unwinding in the evenings

The holiday season is upon us!  In order to avoid the burn out or stress from all the hustle & bustle, we came up with 6 tips to help you unwind on those evenings you feel like you can’t relax!  This season, which also happens to be the coziest time of year, is all about savoring and enjoying the simple things. So grab some fuzzy slippers and follow our steps to help you unwind!

Tip #1 for relaxing and unwinding in the evening

Have a routine – Creating a routine in the evenings will help trigger your mind and body to relax.  Going through the motions of each step is like muscle memory, reminding you it’s time to shut things off and rest. For example, changing into comfy clothes and slippers could be that first step to get your evening routine started.

Tip #2 for relaxing and unwinding in the evening

Write it down – Often times, a large relaxation blocker is all the stuff floating around in your head! You know that feeling when your mind seems like it’s stuck on a loop? Grab a journal and write down everything you are having trouble letting go. Perhaps it’s the tasks, appointments, ideas, or telephone calls you are afraid of forgetting. Or, maybe you want to record the days happenings and get your thoughts out – it can all be safe and sound on paper.  This act helps to slow down your mind so you can mentally let go of your day.

Tip #3 for relaxing and unwinding in the evening

Put your phone away – This one can be tough, but it pays off!  An evening on your phone (or with technology and bright screens in general) can over-stimulate your brain and keep you from sleeping well. Putting your phone away is one of the best things you can do! If completely cutting out the phone seems too daunting at first, try giving yourself one “check” time in the evening with a time limit. The more you do it, the easier it will become. Everything will be there in the morning, and you can pick up a book instead!  On my nightstand right now is Why Not Me, by Mindy Kaling. It is funny and anything but boring!

Tip #4 for relaxing and unwinding in the evening

Take a bath – A tried and true step that works every time!  Pamper yourself with a bubble bath or an amazing bath bomb from Lush. We sometimes put things like this on the bottom of our priority lists, so scheduling the time will help you stick to it!

Tip #5 for relaxing and unwinding in the evening

Aromatherapy – Oils, candles, and room sprays will help you breathe in calm and breathe out stress. The scent of lavender, chamomile, and clary sage are all excellent choices. Spray your sheets with luxurious lavender spray, light a candle in your bedroom, or use relaxing bath salts.  It’s amazing how much scent can play a part in unwinding.

Tip #6 for relaxing and unwinding in the evening

Listen to music – Pandora has great instrumental music stations that make you feel like you are at a spa!  Slow, soft music can create a relaxing atmosphere that gives your mind the rest it needs.

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A relaxing evening at home can be just the trick to waking up refreshed and ready to tackle your holiday to-dos!  We truly hope these tips help you take the time to treat yourself and savor a slow evening this holiday season.


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