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Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #104

Pretty Ordinary gives you a sneak peek into Lily & Val behind the scenes! On Lily & Val Living!

For this month’s Pretty Ordinary Friday #104, we’re documenting snapshots of our month. While our pictures may not be the prettiest or the most interesting, we enjoyed each instance and want to remember them! These are the behind-the-scenes, in-between moments – the small peeks that would otherwise be forgotten. Join us as we use this series to scrapbook the unedited, memorable happenings at Lily & Val and what is inspiring our team!

The team says:

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #104 with vintage quilt inspiration, Spring flowers and chalk art flowers 1. “Totally inspired by these vintage linen colors!” – Valerie, Founder and Creative Director

2. “I’ve been enjoying the gorgeous blossoms- especially these ones outside my bedroom window!” – Valerie

3“With Easter this week, I felt the urge to draw one of my favorite Spring Flowers! (I shared the tutorial on Instagram!)” – Valerie 

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #104 with The Good Neighbor, maternity shoots and Spring floral arrangements4“Started a new book- “The Good Neighbor”! I’m only a few chapters in, but already LOVING it. Mister Rogers was such an incredible man and I’m fascinated learning more about his life.” – Valerie

5. “My dear friend Amanda of Amanda Kraft Photography shot my maternity photos in the Hershey Gardens! The blossoms came out just in perfect timing! I can’t wait to see the finished photos.” – Valerie

6. “Mak got me a Parisian flower arranging class at Phipp’s Garden center for Valentine’s Day. It was so much fun! I learned a lot and hope to take more classes there.” – Valerie

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #104 with brass bows for baby room decor, iPad floral drawing and wooden storks for baby showers

7. “How sweet is this vintage brass bow?! It will definitely be hanging in baby girl’s room. I found it from this Etsy shop!– Valerie

8. “A little coffee and a little blossom drawing on the iPad. A good day.” – Valerie

9. “Getting ready for the baby shower! Dad made this wooden stork from the stork I drew for my invitation, and I’m in love!” – Emily, Creative Coordinator

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #104 with Teavana tea, curious little girls and gorgeous birthday wrapping10. “Mommas…get an iced green tea with almond milk and a little sweet tea…trust me! So good!” – Emily

11. “Sweet beautiful moments of my little niece being her adorable curious self.” – Emily

12. “Turned 30 this month, and 30 weeks pregnant! Loving this ribbon so much!”- Emily

Lily & Val Presents: Pretty Ordinary Friday #104 with puppy kisses, blue ocean views and campfire s'mores13. “These two melt my heart!”- Nicole, Operations Manager

14. “Hubby and I were on a cruise to the Bahamas and Haiti. I think I need this view every day of my life.” – Nicole

15. “One thing I love about the weather finally changing is building fires in the backyard and, of course, S’MORES!” – Nicole

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