DIY Floral Pumpkin Arrangements

Every year it seems there is a new trend when it comes to decorating pumpkins.  When we first saw the beauty of a pumpkin covered in flowers, we were immediately on board!  Floral Pumpkins are such a fun and easy do-it-yourself project- not to mention mess-free!  They’ll look lovely by your front door step, or even on your table for Thanksgiving!

Decorate your pumpkins in a new way this year! DIY Floral Pumpkins via Lily & Val Living!

What you’ll need:

– An assortment of faux flowers! (We loved using small, vine-like flowers, buds with thick stems, and succulents.)
– Hot glue gun
– Wire cutters
– Screwdriver (for poking holes)

Mix faux florals with real pumpkins for a beautiful Fall DIY! DIY Floral Pumpkins via Lily & Val Living!

First, use your flexible stems- mine were cattails and sprigs of tiny flower buds- to create a halo around the stem of the pumpkin.  You can use wire clippers to work inch-by-inch around the pumpkin, gluing as you go along.  Starting with a base of these stems will cover the area well and provide a nice backdrop for  whatever you add on top!

Next, poke holes into the pumpkin with a screwdriver and stick in your accent flowers or succulents.  If there still seems to be some blank spaces around the pumpkin, go back with more filler flowers- I loved using these flat, yellow branches for this!

Mess free and simple steps make these DIY Floral Pumpkins a must try! Fall DIY project on Lily & Val Living!

It’s really as easy as that!  You can take this DIY as far as you want with vines cascading down the pumpkin or adding bigger blooms all around! I love how elegant and detailed it looks, with just a few simple steps.

Fall floral pumpkin DIY project via Lily & Val Living!

The other nice thing is that the pumpkins are real, but the flowers aren’t!  We took a tip from our ‘Faux Real Flowers’ series and mixed the real pumpkins with faux flowers to create a long-lasting, beautiful combination! I’ve kept these by the front door and I love them!

Floral Pumpkin DIY via Lily & Val Living // Fall DIY

Outdoor Fall Decorations, Floral Pumpkin DIY via Lily & Val Living!

Carve-free pumpkin DIY for Fall via Lily & Val Living!

Happy pumpkin decorating!

Photos courtesy of Jenny Poe

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