DIY No Sew Football Party Pennant Flags

On Sunday afternoons, you can usually find me and my family gathered around the TV watching whatever football game is on. To us, that is what Autumn is all about! Relaxing together, eating delicious snacks and enjoying football games makes for a perfect Sunday afternoon! Whether you look forward to Saturdays and college games, or you enjoy Sundays best, we came up with a fun way to add a little something to your football get-togethers.

10_v2These pennant flags are a simple, cute detail to add to your food station. You will need felt sheets in your team colors and some wooden skewers.

First I used chalk to sketch out the triangles for the flags.  The widest part is about two and half inches.


Next, using another color, cut 1.5 x 2.5 inch strips that you will use to wrap the wooden skewer around the triangle.



Using a hot glue gun (or felt glue), glue the skewer to the wide portion of the triangle, then glue the rectangular piece around the outside to cover it all up.


After all the pennant flags were assembled, I used a 3D fabric paint pen to write out the words. Have fun with this part! I made flags to coordinate with the food that we usually have for football afternoons, like “chips” and “dip.”  Write “chili” or “nachos” if those are some of your football day staples!  I also drew words, like “win” and “victory,”


Then it’s time to put it all together!  With the leftover felt, I made a simple banner and it all came together so well!  Attach the skewers to wooden block bases, or just stick them right in the bowls like I did!7_v2I think it’s so fun to make everyday get togethers a little more special with fun and simple DIY details like these flags!

8_v29_v2Who do you cheer for on Sundays?  

Photos courtesy of Jenny Poe

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