7 Ways to Use Lily & Val Recipe Cards

This just in: new kitchen-themed lovelies from Lily & Val! A slew of recipe cards, tote bags, and new prints hit the shelves and we are beyond pumped to share them all with you. You can read more about the heart behind the collection here. With that and the idea in mind that great recipes are meant to be shared, we brainstormed 7 ways to use our new recipe cards and spread the love!

7 Inspired Ways to Use Recipe Cards - Spread the love and connect with a shared recipe. Lily & Val new designs!

1) Hand-Deliver a Dish

Know a friend who could use a little pick-me-up? Bake a decadent dish and hand-deliver it to their door with the hand-written recipe in tow! They’ll appreciate the indulgence, the company, and the possibility of making it for themselves while following the instructions you included. Our “Butter Makes Everything Better” card is a great accompaniment to a sweet treat.

Find humor in your recipes and spread the love! 7 Different Ways to Use Recipe Cards, bring a smile to someone's face with Lily & Val

2) Send a Surprise Snail Mail Recipe

Recently, my good friend Virginia sent me a card with a joke and a smiley face written inside. The gesture was simple, but it has been providing me with an endless amount of joy this week. Taking a page out of Virginia’s book, we recommend mailing a hand-written recipe card to a friend! Our chalk-illustrated recipe cards pair perfectly with this classic “Celebrate” card.  Add a few mini party hats to the package and you have a sweet birthday surprise. (PS: you might need a bigger envelope to comfortably fit the recipe card plus the note card.)

7 Fun Ways to Use Recipe Cards | hand-drawn recipe cards with ideas and inspiration for using them and bringing a smile to someone's day. | hand-drawn chalk art

3) Host a Bridal Shower Recipe Party

Bridal showers inspire the exchange of well-wishes, advice, and especially recipes! Bring a package or two of our Floral Recipe Cards to a bridal shower. Then, encourage guests to share their culinary secrets with the bride-to-be. Another idea is to send a recipe card with the bridal shower invitations and ask guests to bring their hand-written recipe with them to the shower! We think our Floral Recipe Card design is perfect for a bridal party!

Bridal Shower Idea | How to use recipe cards to share your favorite dishes with the bride | Lily & Val hand-drawn floral recipe card

4) Reminisce with a Family Member

We all know the dishes that cause our families to enter into a sort of Battle Royale for the final bite. Pick one of these favorites and ask the top chef in your family to memorialize it with their own hand-writing on recipe cards. This is a favor I’m sure they will be honored to accommodate, especially if you emphasize their skills in the kitchen when asking. Each person in the family can then have that special recipe card to keep and remind them about past family gatherings.

Using recipes to connect with family | 7 inspired ways to use recipe cards in a meaningful way | Lily & Val hand-drawn recipe cards

5) Inspire An Office Lunch Party

A good luncheon doesn’t need an occasion – inspire a recipe exchange for the office! Have coworkers sign up for a dish to bring. Each person can accompany the dish with a stack of recipe cards with instructions on how to make it! As we believe every recipe stirs up a memory, sharing dishes is a way to spark up a conversation and learn something new about your fellow coworkers.

Inspire an Office Luncheon | Recipe Exchange Idea | Bring your coworkers together | Share the love with Lily & Val hand-drawn recipe cards

6) Give A Thoughtful Housewarming Gift

After a long day of moving and preparing the house for guests, it’s always nice to have a ready-made meal at your fingertips the next day. As a housewarming gift, we recommend a homemade meal complete with the recipe! Get a pack of our Kitchen Mixer cards, fill out the first one for your pal, and tie the remaining empty cards together with a bow.

Housewarming Gift idea | bake a dish and bring a matching recipe card | hand-drawn designs by Lily & Val

7) Have a Potluck

Every Monday night, my friends and I get together to shamelessly watch reality shows on television. Sometimes there is a theme for bringing food and sometimes there isn’t – but I can guarantee, every single time recipe exchanges occur. Host a little potluck of your own! Ask guests to bring a dish and have an assortment of recipe cards ready on the “buffet” table. Guests can easily swap recipes as they nibble. The party doesn’t need to be fancy, decorated, or even well-planned! Simply invite a handful of friends and watch the fun happen. The “Watch Me Whip” cards will be well-loved in my circle.

Watch me Whip recipe cards are cute and quirky for your handwritten recipesWhat are your ideas for spreading the love with recipe cards? Comment below and let us know!

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7 Ideas for Recipe Sharing | Hand-drawn recipe cards from Lily & Val | adorable!See them all below and let us know which one is your favorite! 

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