Last week, the new documentary about Mister Rogers, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” came out in theaters and I created this little drawing in honor of it!

If you guys remember from this previous download, the legacy of Mister Rogers is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. He was the ultimate encourager. He didn’t need flashiness or sensationalism- just a heaping dose of kindness and sincerity. The words of Mister Rogers are ones we all desperately need today- that I need to hear.

You are loved
You are accepted
You are enough
You are so special…
Not because of anything you’ve done, it’s just by being you.

Free Art Print In Honor of the New Mister Rogers Documentary

A Gift From Me To You

After I posted this drawing on Instagram, so many of you asked about purchasing it (you’re all too sweet). And it gave me an idea instead…

In honor of the legacy of Fred Rogers, I want to gift this print to you! Yep, for FREE (just pay for shipping; one per customer, please).

I hope that it spreads a little kindness, brightens your day, and reminds you that you are loved just the way you are!

Free Art Print In Honor of the New Mister Rogers Documentary

Be sure to see the movie in theaters now. Mak and I went to see it the moment we could and you definitely won’t be disappointed!

Grab your Print in the Lily & Val Shop for a limited time here.

I can’t wait to see how you display it! Be sure to tag us on Instagram @lilyandval  #lilyandval