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diy s'mores bar | s'mores bar | bonfire ideas

Make Your Own DIY S’mores Bar for Summer!

Can you believe it’s already almost June? I just got done thinking it was still March. Oh well – June means summer (even if it won’t officially be summer quite yet) and summer for me means s’mores. To get you in the bonfire spirit,…

diy camera strap | camera strap ideas | how to make a camera strap

How to Make a DIY Camera Strap – Two Ways!

 I love photography, of course, but one of my favorite kinds is travel photography (isn’t travel grand? We love it here at L&V). It lets me bring home all the memories I make somewhere else. And actually, I just got back from a week-long…

paper goal chain | goal setting | paper chain diy
DIY Inspiration

Make This DIY Paper Goal Chain

I’m definitely the type of person who needs a daily reminder of what my goals are and what I’m supposed to be working on. I don’t use planners, I’m easily forgetful about little things, so I needed a different system. Enter the paper goal…

minimal memory keeper | minimal scrapbook | project life ideas

Make a Minimal Memory Keeper

It’s been a busy couple of months around here at Lily & Val! We’ve had two amazing workshops, released a new spring collection, and we’re getting ready for the National Stationery Show! With so much going on, it’s important to stop and keep track…

diy farmer's market tote | diy market tote | embroidered tote bag

DIY Iron Transfer Farmer’s Market Tote

Have you noticed the outdoor markets have been popping up for the season? I’m going to one this weekend! When strolling around local farmer’s markets and the like, I always like to take a roomy tote bag with me for my impulse buys. That’s why we…

mini macaron keychain | mini macaron diy | macaron keychain

Make This DIY Mini Macaron Keychain

Are macarons your love language? If so, you have something in common with 90% of the Lily & Val team (which is why Val made this print). It could be because they’re delicious, but personally I love macarons because they’re also adorable. These mini…