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Diy Envelope Decorating inspired by our printable Stationery Sheets

Decorating Envelopes to Match Your Printable Stationery Sheets

We are so excited to finally offer stationery sheets and monogram stationary sheets through our printable stationery sheet downloads just in time for National Letter Writing Month!  To celebrate we decided to share some fun and simple ideas to decorate your own envelopes to…

At Home DIY

DIY Homemade Nontoxic Counter Spray Cleaner

The clocks have sprung forward, the days are longer, and I’m in a Spring Cleaning state of mind (let’s face it, it could also be the nesting)! Especially during this time preparing for baby, I was shocked to find out what’s hidden in a…

Adorable new pouch gifting ideas
DIY Gift Guides

Fun Galentine Gift Ideas Using Zippered Pouches

We are so excited about our new Lily and Val Canvas Pouches! This time around they got a little dose of color to make things more exciting! Since a few of the cards from our  Valentine’s day card collection looked so pretty with our new…


My Secrets To Drawing Chalk Flowers – A FREE E-Book

It will come as no surprise that flowers are my absolute favorite thing to draw. I am constantly inspired by the natural variation in petals and foliage. No two petals or leaves are quite the same and that’s the attitude I like to keep…


Simple DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Idea

Friends, I wish I could tell you that I set out to whip up some cute, DIY packaging, but the truth is, I just ran out of time and needed some wrapping in a pinch! Without a stash of holiday wrapping paper (besides this…

At Home DIY

Spruce Up Wooden Chargers with Hand-Painted Details

Happy Fall, everyone! We picked up these faux wooden chargers and felt inspired to spruce them up a bit with some hand-painted details. We absolutely loved these for Fall gatherings and decorations and wanted to give you a few ideas for using them… Wooden…

At Home DIY

How to Make a Modern Fall Wreath

Hey guys! FALL WREATH TIME! I love coming to you with faux floral tutorials, because they are so versatile and can be a great way to do something creative to refresh for the seasons.  For this season’s wreath, I wanted to share some fun tips…