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10 Ways To Celebrate National Simplicity Day

It seems that every day there is a different national or international holiday. Some don’t appeal to me as much (International Talk Like A Pirate Day?!) as others (National Donut Day), but I still think they are fun! Today, however, really struck me. June…

Check out all our favorite summer entertaining kitchen items for your next patio or poolside gathering!

Lily & Val Loves- Summer Entertaining Favorites

Now that we have all prepared our patios and back yards for the 4th of July…why not keep the fun going?! You did all that work, so spend some time outside and have some little get togethers while the summer sun is still shining.…


What I Learned After A 7-Day Social Media Detox

  Distracted. I think that is the best word I could have used to describe how I was feeling. I was distracted by the scroll of Instagram and the never-ending supply of beautiful content. I was also distractedΒ by my own drive to produce content,…

super comfy and stylish patio swing

Lily & Val Loves #9- Inviting Outdoor Spaces

Summer is here!… we at least unofficially. If your outdoor space is the last thing you think about, but you always swoon over the beautiful patios you see on pinterest and insta, you’re not alone!! There are some small changes and items you can…


5 Reasons Why We Should Handwrite Our Recipes

I am fascinatedΒ by handwriting. Not in an analytical what-your-handwriting-style-says-about- you-kind-of-way, but rather in a human connection kind of way. Just like viewing an original painting conjures a connection to the artist, handwriting is connected to the person. You can almost feel it. They held…

Perfect beach or pool bag

Lily & Val Loves #8- Get Ready For Summer

The season may still be spring but we are feeling summer in full swing already! To celebrate this warm and sunny time of year we have gathered up some of our favorite things to make the summer more fun, convenient, and beautiful! Whether beach…

Beautiful Enamel Lavender Pin

Lily & Val Loves #7- All Things Lavender

Summertime always makes me think of beautiful blooming fields of lavender and blossoming lilac bushes. There are so many wonderful products that capture both these scents and colors that we thought we would share a few of our favorites. My first favorite is the…