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Lily & Val Loves- Favorites Galentines Day Gifts

It’s almost V-day…so you know what that means… Galentine’s Day is coming! If you want to treat yourself or your favorite gal pals to something special, we have lots of ideas for you! Show your girls how well you know them by getting them…

Assorted colors of fondant pumpkins

Lily & Val Loves- Beautiful Pumpkin Items

In honor of our love of Fall and all things pumpkin, we have brought together some beautiful handmade pumpkin items to add a little “pumpkin spice” to your everyday life. This dainty little Pumpkin Necklace is so lovely. Since it comes in rose gold, gold, and…


Lily & Val Loves: Fall Candles

The best part of cooler weather….burning candles! It’s just the best way to warm up your home visually and emotionally! So, we thought we would round up our favorite candles of the season! Of course our number 1 fall candle pick this season would…

The Perfect Matte Black frame

Lily & Val Loves: Shop Our Fall Photo Shoot

So many of you have asked about some of the decor spotted in our fall photo shoot! I’m so happy to share with you some of my favorite items from the shoot and where you can purchase them too! Lot’s of you asked about…

the most durable and useful lunch bag!

Lily & Val Loves – Cutest School Supplies

It’s time for everyone to go back to school! It seems like every Target is overrun with families frantically picking up all of the things the kids need to make this new year a great one. In all of the hustle and bustle, it’s…

These curtains are light weight and have just enough detail for any space.

Lily & Val Loves- Dorm Life Essentials

It’s time for all of our college friends to head back to school! We have collected some of our favorite items for a good home refresh…but more importantly, these are all the essentials to set up a modern and cozy dorm room that will…

Have a special throw blanket to keep your guests cozy during their stay

Lily & Val Loves- Favorite Items to Welcome Guests

If you are lucky enough to have a designated guest bedroom, you probably have struggled with making it a cohesive and beautiful place. So much of the time these extra spaces are an afterthought, and if you don’t have frequent visitors, the room has…